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  1.  Sorry for poor quality audio. San Diego CA, north county, in a small canyon within a suburban area. This call is familiar to me but I just can’t place it, Merlín wasn’t helpful. Thanks a million to anyone who knows!! In case you are having trouble seeing, there is a black bird at the top of the sugar maple in the video who is making this call back and forth with a second individual that I couldn’t locate 

  2. 2 hours ago, ogurvits said:

    I found this sandpiper yesterday in central New Jersey. It was bigger than other peeps around it. It's a little hard to tell from the pictures, but I think its wings are longer than those of the other peeps. And on the last picture, when it moved its wings apart, I can see white on the rump. Could it be a White-rumped Sandpiper? (Regular in tiny numbers in NJ)





    Thank You! 


    how much larger was it? Their southbound migration according to Audubon and Cornell should have been over at the beginning of this month, so this would have to be a very late and possibly lost migrant in my opinion. More information and/or more input from other community members needed still for a positive ID. Certainly possible, but definitely not certain, you know? 

  3. Have a photo and a video. Got to work at a little before 8AM (down in a canyon, less than 1000ft above sea level I believe, also less than 5 miles from the shoreline, San Diego CA) and heard this little fella chirping. I should have realized it was strange that he didn't fly away when I accidentally parked right by him. I also thought the fluffiness was due to him fluffing himself up to get warm in the early morning. Posted on iNaturalist and someone let me know that he's a baby! When I went back to check on him a few hours later he was gone, so I'm hoping either he flew away or his parents found him and took him back to the nest. 


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  4. Recorded this call in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, California. About an hour east of downtown San Diego. Elevation ~2000 ft, beautiful park in the Cleveland National Forest. I was able to see this bird briefly with my binoculars, looked to be at least crow-sized if not larger and I could see a pale underside, sort of a tan color, but couldn't see much else. Got the call on video but haven't found any good matches. I've attached a video, but it doesn't show the bird, so I also attached an audio-only version. Sorry for all the background noise! 

    bird call audio.m4a

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