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  1. Ok here we go - had to make it 2 photos but they are in .jpeg... I don't see it showing but the length of feather is 4.25" or 10.5 cm
  2. Hope this is ok to post here - let me know if I need to put it someplace else... Found this feather in my back yard while doing work and have no idea which bird it belongs to. I believe it may be a wing feather but no idea what bird it came from. At first I thought maybe a water bird but I am several miles from nearest water source, and never saw a water bird near me. I am in central OK. Thanks for any help! Liz feather.docx
  3. Thanks for the help you sent - don't think it was an ovenbird as the head was a solid color- no stripes, don't think it was juvi robin, as I have seen them plenty of times and this just didn't add up. Looking at swainsons thrush photos makes me think it could have been this bird - closest to what I saw in person. Again thanks for all the suggestions!
  4. I saw a bird this evening by our birdbath, and was looking for help in identifying it. Size was about a medium size sparrow, with a brown on white speckled chest. It had a solid grey/brown color head with some white around the eye. This is about all I got before it flew away, but cannot identify it myself. Thanks for any help
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