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  1. Blackburnian, Here are additional photos of either a salt marsh or a Nelson.
  2. Blackburnian, I just posted was before I saw your message. I can see what other angles are available and another flickr link on here.
  3. I posted just one frontal pic to what's this bird, but at the time I was still waiting for a consensus. Now I have a good consensus that it is a salt marsh and thank you for helping with this question. Nancy E.
  4. Hi! Everyone. Yesterday I saw this small sparrow on the road through Edwin B. Forsythe NWR, Brigantine Division in Atlantic County, NJ. It allowed me to grab shots from standing outside the car but only behind the door. I was once told that salt marsh sparrows are skittish. I recently read where Nelson are shy. This bird was neither. I ruled out a Lincoln and if you notice there appears to be a dark spot on the chest. The streaking is light and not bold, and the chest is gray. Guidebooks make this bird too dark gray in my opinion for a salt marsh and to early to be a Nelson. There are three photos. One of the back and there is almost no tail, maybe one feather. Below is a link to my Flicker account. The album is Help with ID of this Sparrow. Thank you, Nancy Erickson
  5. Thank you, Blackburnian. You have been a great help.
  6. Hello Whatbird, I am having difficulty with this tern. It was among a group of Caspian. It is the tern in front facing to the right with orange bill. It is different than the Caspians in the group. I have had a few people say it was a possible juvenile Caspian and others have said Royal. There was at least one Royal seen in the area, Bombay Hook NWR, Kent County, DE 8/17/2019 Thank you, Nancy Erickson
  7. Good morning, I am trying to determine what sandpiper as I had a thought that it was a western and someone had suggested the same thing. But not quite sure it is. It is larger than nearby semipalmated and the bill is thicker and droops more. It was taken in Cumberland County, NJ 5/27/2019. Some guides seem to say that this is a rare springtime sandpiper if a western for my area, Southern New Jersey. Thank you, Nancy
  8. @TooFly @akiley, @Nighthawk01it was at the other end of the parking lot and I could not see well with bins and used the camera and lens to bring it in clearer, or so I thought. I had opened the lens for another photo I was taking and forgot to reset. By the time I dropped exposure back, it flew. ? But I felt great crested flycatcher. I had thought the white slash was lighting but the head on profile even out of focus had me wondering. When I enlarge a bit more there is a hint of yellow. Also there are several trails where GCF have been seen. Thanks everyone. Nancy
  9. https://www.flickr.com/photos/77189134@N07/albums/72157698577033304
  10. Good Morning All, I need help with a flycatcher. I had thought a great crested flycatcher, but there is a white slash or spectacle of some sort at base of the bill. I have a semi clear photo and then one with a better profile on my flickr acct. Thanks for the help. https://www.flickr.com/photos/77189134@N07/albums/72157698577033304 Nancy E.
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