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  1. I recorded this call last night when it was dark so I don't have a picture. I think it sounds like an owl. I live in Arlington Washington. My zip code is 98223. Thanks, Don Owl.mp3
  2. We live in Arlington Washington which is about 50 miles north of Seattle. We hear this bird's call a lot at our house. I think there are maybe 2 or 3 of them living in this area. I shot a video of it this morning. If you turn the sound up all the way you should be able to hear the call. I was afraid to open the window to get the call better as I felt the bird would be scared away. The still photo is from the video. Unfortunately I was not very close and zoomed in with my phone so the photo and video are pixelated. My niece thinks it is a crow but looking at the pictures in iBird Pro and listening to the calls I think it is a Raven. Thanks, Don
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