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  1. Seen in west Texas today. I have never seen this bird before on my feeder. Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Seen in west Texas today. First two are the 1st bird and next 2 are the 2nd. Thanks!
  3. Thx. I saw a bigger bird that looks like a mourning dove (from photos I’ve seen) and the other bird looked way smaller than that one
  4. Saw this little guy in the morning today. Couldn’t seem to fly that well and just wanted to confirm it was a rock pidgeon and not something crazy
  5. Seen in West Texas today, sorry for bad quality. I randomly saw them and took he first few photos with my phone. When I got the camera there was only one and (s)he was looking the wrong way. In the ones where there are two is it possible to tell their genders?
  6. Is it just me, or does he not look so good? The first photo is from about a week ago, with his siblings, and the second one was today
  7. (1) Curve billed thrasher and (2) American avocet with least sandpiper photo bombing thanks @Kevinand all the others who helped me identify
  8. The thing is... least sandpipers only live in my area in the winter (according to whatbird). Will they sometimes travel out of area?
  9. I think the small bird is a sandpiper, but anyone know which type?
  10. The photo was taken in west Texas, here:
  11. Like this? (It is bad quality because I was not trying to take a photo of that one)
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