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  1. Seem in Texas today. Usually mourning doves come and go all of the time, but I have never seen one this color. Is it a mourning dove, a pigeon, or something else? Please let me know, thanks. I don’t know if you can tell from the photos, but it looked kind of white.
  2. Seen in west Texas today. I have never seen this bird before on my feeder. Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Seen in west Texas today. First two are the 1st bird and next 2 are the 2nd. Thanks!
  4. Thx. I saw a bigger bird that looks like a mourning dove (from photos I’ve seen) and the other bird looked way smaller than that one
  5. Saw this little guy in the morning today. Couldn’t seem to fly that well and just wanted to confirm it was a rock pidgeon and not something crazy
  6. Seen in West Texas today, sorry for bad quality. I randomly saw them and took he first few photos with my phone. When I got the camera there was only one and (s)he was looking the wrong way. In the ones where there are two is it possible to tell their genders?
  7. Is it just me, or does he not look so good? The first photo is from about a week ago, with his siblings, and the second one was today
  8. (1) Curve billed thrasher and (2) American avocet with least sandpiper photo bombing thanks @Kevinand all the others who helped me identify
  9. The thing is... least sandpipers only live in my area in the winter (according to whatbird). Will they sometimes travel out of area?
  10. I think the small bird is a sandpiper, but anyone know which type?
  11. Like this? (It is bad quality because I was not trying to take a photo of that one)
  12. Also help identifying the small bird to the left of the first bird would be great. Thank you!
  13. Did that and saw it fed. Also started poking his head up so he was “in a better mood”
  14. Usually when I go to check if it is alive (which it is) the mother bird is hanging around, but sometimes she is nowhere to be found ? also the baby bird is not poking its head out of the nest anymore but I hear it chirp
  15. Also @Kevin I don’t know if this has anything to do with the age, but it first opened it’s eyes yesterday
  16. I saw her feed the chick exactly once
  17. The chick is 10-12 days old. They all hatched on different days and I don’t know which one it is.
  18. There is a nest of says phoebes in my backyard with 3 birds, but last night in a storm 2 of them died ?. One is still in the nest. Will the mother keep feeding it? Will she lay new eggs? What should I do if she has abandoned the last bird? she is standing at the edge of the nest with food but isn’t giving it to the baby... I hear it chirping for food
  19. Thank you everyone! I hope that she lays more eggs and that I get to witness them grow up, unlike the one that fell and died ?
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