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  1. The second to last bird is a Townsend’s Warbler, and the last birds confusing me with those apparent spectacles but I think it’s an Orange-crowned Warbler
  2. Sorry, misread the title. Both look good for pewees to me.
  3. I agree that the bill can’t really be used here with how messy it is. but the head shape looks right on for Greater. To me, Greaters have large, deep heads, looking either blocky or smoothly rounded depending on posture, similar to a Mallard. Lessers have shallower head, and the eye is more centered on the face. They give me the impression of a Ring-necked Duck.
  4. I really need to check that I’m on the right page when I use the unread thingy…
  5. These look like gulls to me. Likely Ring-billed. Funny, I could’ve sworn that bridge was in my hometown in VT!
  6. Well, since no one else has replied giving ID, I would call these Greater based off of the eye placement. The nail looks to be flared as well, but the bill looks quite messy, and I only have experience with them in their winter plumage.
  7. Sounds like a whisper song from a WCSP to me.
  8. https://finchnetwork.org/winter-finch-forecast-2022-2023
  9. I spent an hour yesterday searching through DCCOs for an Anhinga at distance. The shape in flight is definitely better for cormorant, and the tail is not long enough. The color I think your seeing is sun glare off a likely wet bird
  10. Just wanted to add that I looked through photos, and Blackpoll does have a pretty chunky bill as well. The back streaking (we can just barely see one streak if you zoom in) could be a ruffle in the feathers. One of the photos on the Audubon app has a PIWA that appears to have streaks on it back. Overall, I agree that coloration and feel points to Blackpoll. Pine can have yellow feet as well… but I’ve never seen a Pine that was that green. I’m going to go back on my original ID and join team Blackpoll here, even though they aren’t on the ground as often.
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