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  1. For whatever reason, large crickets creep me out, almost as much as large spiders 😱
  2. Agreed. The gape goes way back underneath the eye. Other than that, I’m not getting a Red-tail vibe
  3. I can see why they’d think that. The overall patterning is quite similar.
  4. That is typical of most every bird species. Where have you been birding? The birds you have been seeing seem to be very accustomed to human presence, while the Cattle Egrets sound like normal wild birds.
  5. Are these weirdly adorable to anyone else?
  6. I am retracting this ID. Apparently this would be quite the find
  7. Toddlers 5 seconds after you don’t them to not put it in their mouth
  8. And then Bluet sp. No clue
  9. Sorry for the poor pics, didn’t have my camera. Thinking Amber-winged over Northern Spreadwing for this due to the bright eyes.
  10. My best guess for this one is American Rubyspot by range.
  11. Well, he’ll be glad it doesn’t draw too much attention 😂 it’s a fart. The whip was far away so we had the gain up on our various devices.
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