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  1. Birdie is glitched for me. The answer for todays wasn’t even an option, but the old version of the name was. But that also said wrong.
  2. Oop, missed this was in July. Indigo Bunting.
  3. The only one’s I really think need to be split are YRWA subspecies. The three look and sound very different. Flickers would be my second in line. There’s only a very small hybridization zone. Honestly, I’m fine with whatever the ornithologists decide. I don’t know enough about it, and I still document all the variation I see anyway. Whether it’s elevated to a species or lumped, it doesn’t really matter. But I do have a problem with wanting to lump Bicknell’s and Gray-cheeked. We need Bicknell’s to be its own species so it gets the conservational help it deserves. I’ve seen and been in how little habitat they have left. I know I’m biased on that one though. I’m all for giving a subspecies or regional varient a higher designation if it means it gets more conservational attention.
  4. As @Aidan Bsaid, the bill is too heavy for a Red-throated. Head too chonky for Pacific as well
  5. Acadian with those strong wingbars. Also, what’s “eye band”
  6. Would be a bit redundant considering all the other ducks in America that are brown, but that kind of thing hasn’t stopped them before!
  7. Hopefully you do better than I did! Here’s what I found on the oh so reputable Wikipedia: “The red knot was first described by Carl Linnaeusin his landmark 1758 10th edition of Systema Naturae as Tringa canutus.[3] One theory is that it gets its name and species epithet from King Cnut; the name would refer to the knot's foraging along the tide line and the story of Cnut and the tide.[4] There appears to be no historical foundation for this etymology.[5] Another etymology is that the name is onomatopoeic, based on the bird's grunting call note.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_knot The page on Great Knot had nothing about the common name.
  8. Attempting to be humorous 😅 The only real mark I can put into words in the moment is the white throat patch. GHOW have it, LEOW don’t. Other than than, it’s mainly subtle patterning differences and shapes, and expressions. The barring appears denser on GHOW. LEOW look cuter to me.
  9. I’m guessing you would have to go through “Accessibility” settings on IPhone. It’s likely a thing you’d have to set up for the whole phone, not just the app. Not entirely sure how it works
  10. The tail looks fine for an adult male COGR to me. Size could be from a difference in distance.
  11. I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.
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