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  1. Post a recording of a dawn chorus! It’s up to you what information you want to provide, but location would be appreciated! You could also list the species if you wanted to. Something I’ve wondered about is whether you could post dawn chorus recordings under bird sp. with a count of 0, or if that wouldn’t be wanted. I haven’t seen a way to just add media to the checklist without listing it as a species.
  2. Maybe a goldfinch? Not familiar with the birds of Tennessee...yet
  3. First time I’ve ever heard merlins! A pair started calling and flying around my neighborhood. Wasn’t able to get my mic out...
  4. https://ebird.org/checklist/S85218694 Rare Lesser Scaup and Gadwall!
  5. Another random flyby yardbird. Belted Kingfisher!
  6. 60th species recorded! Hooded Merganser growls
  7. FoYs this morning: Ruffed Grouse, Winter Wren, Wilson’s Snipe!
  8. Got to 160 for Washington Co yesterday! Bumped that up to 161 today! See signature
  9. Geez, when do birds breed in your neck of the woods?!? The earliest ones we have are GHOW, but they start in the winter
  10. Same here. All my photos with the crown raised all the way are blurry 😆 😂 😢
  11. I just went in and read the definitions for the breeding codes. Territorial Defense is chasing or attacking, as you said. I’ll switch to using Courtship!
  12. A small bird with bright yellow flashes
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