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  1. Post your photos of well camouflaged, or hidden bird! They don't have to be too well hidden, just enough to not see it right away. Here's a few of mine...
  2. Well, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it isn't a finch, but a sparrow, but I'm only about 50% sure it is a Song Sparrow. 😅
  3. Well, I think the bird on the right (and second photo) is a Harlan's, and the bird on the left I am not sure about. The bird on the right could only be a juvenile Roughie, since it lacks the dark tail band of an adult dark-morph, or an adult Harlan's, and since it has that translucent panel at the wingtips typical of Red-tails. The bird on the left seems to be either a young Harlan's or Roughie, but I am waffling between the two, with a lean towards Harlan's.
  4. I stared at that raven for an embarrassing amount of time...😂
  5. This. also the recently uploaded pics look like a Tennessee warbler
  6. Also, I think lack of a visible white patch on the wing threw me off. Thanks for correcting me.
  7. I’ve heard song sparrows song similarly over in the northeast
  8. Well, shows what I know. 😂 Sorry about that. I thought the neck looked too short, but convinced myself the wing pattern was good for pintail.
  9. Yes, Coopers. Not sure if it is immature though, as I think I see some orange barring.
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