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  1. It’s a good one! A lot of field guides don’t use it.
  2. I can’t seem to view your photos. Try dragging the photos into a reply on this topic, that should work!
  3. @Gary Aldcroft, one of the best way to get variety is a birdbath, as it can attract birds that don’t visit feeders! I’ve found you can get a good variety from sunflower seed and suet at your feeders, and jelly for orioles in the summer. And if you want hummers, either plant plants that hummers love, like bee balm, or put up a hummingbird feeder!
  4. I mean, there is a lot of white on the tip of the tail too, something I have yet to see on a sharpie. But if your unsure, definitely air on the side of caution.
  5. Not flagged, but first VT Canvasback of the winter! Only flight shots, no good ones.
  6. Not the rarest bird of the day (Canvasback), but on yet another unsuccessful trip looking for Redhead's, this guy (or gal) made my day!
  7. First VT Canvasback of the winter, plus a Barred Owl! https://ebird.org/checklist/S79707283
  8. I like Coopers. Tubular shape, bill that is an extension of the forehead, and overall giss. Also, the nape looks pale.
  9. I’d say Nashville. I can’t see an eye line, though the angle could be hiding it. It has a whitish vent and light gray undertail, both of which point to Nashville. The gray hood too, though I know some subspecies of OCWA have it.
  10. I agree with Yellow Warbler. As @gpoolenoted, the plain face is a good clue, yellow edged feather sun the wings, as well as the overall yellow wash without much variation.
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