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  1. I may be wrong, but I think we would see streaking in the undertake coverts in the first photo, since it's an immature.
  2. It's an Accipiter, strikes me as a Cooper's
  3. I'd suggest learning their call, it will make finding one so much easier, and is the most reliable way to ID these birds. Good luck on your search!
  4. Yup, got a long email for the state RBA this morning. Phew!
  5. I honestly can’t tell. @Shrike, have the photos been distorted at all? This family is best identified by calls, though hopefully other here can give you a definitive answer.
  6. Looks like Nutting’s, Ash-throated, Brown-crested, and Dusky-capped are possibilities. 😵‍💫
  7. Nice photos of a female Vermillion Flycatcher!
  8. These all look good for Common Grackle to me.
  9. I have the opposite question, sometimes I want to see more landmarks that show on other maps apps.
  10. Is the eBird RBA working for anyone else? I haven’t received any emails, and checking the lists on the website don’t show anything from today. Getting paranoid FOMO
  11. Figured we needed a dedicated thread for eBird help/troubleshooting, there have been several threads before asking for help or asking questions. Mods: If there is a unifying thread already suited for this purpose that I didn’t find, feel free to merge/delete this one.
  12. There’s barely any tail bands, I’d call that a Black ssp. Cool! *grumbles in ssp diversity envy*
  13. I mean, they said it the bird had no streaking under the tail? I’m pretty sure I can see two streaks on the undertail in this photo. Maybe they saw a different bird…? That said, this is a very frosty bird, though a bit on the streaky side. I would want to see a different angle, preferably showing the back/wings or a clear view of the undertail to be more confident of a Hoary.
  14. This species is the diminutive and more humorous twin of a much more widespread species.
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