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  1. I do see a single streak in the UTC, but Hoarys can have one, according to Sibley. I have been trying to find a time to go look for that bird!!! Good to know it’s still hanging around.
  2. For some reason I forgot about catbirds. My bad!
  3. I agree with the first three. I don’t know about the last one.
  4. I think the small goose is a cackler. Not sure about the others. It’s just barely bigger than the nearby mallards!
  5. Lincoln’s and Song. That song is trying really hard to be an Ammodramus!
  6. I think the white is an artifact. This looks like a thrush to me.
  7. If they were hunting together, Harris’s Hawk is the best choice. That aside, it is a Harris’s
  8. Grosbeaks, at least rose-breasteds, have white flashes in their wings. Also, they are at least twice as big as purple finches. Here is a purple Finch for reference.
  9. This is a grosbeak. Note the white on the face, overall size, and multicoloredness. Purple finches are brown with lighter brown, when they are not red, and female/immature grosbeaks are brown back, tan belly, and strongly patterned face.
  10. He’s talking about ways to store the seed. For the fallen seed, we’ve had problems with rats in the past, and we ended up taking down the feeder for about a week or so. In any case, fallen seeds are pretty much inevitable.
  11. I used a smaller coolpix for a while, which was surprisising good for its size, but it didn’t really zoom well. I now use a Panasonic FZ1000, which does much better with zoom. I am an ameteur photographer, so I definitely am not using it to its full potential. Panasonic FZ1000 is about $450, so definitely on the cheaper side. You can view my eBird profile to see some pics in varying conditions. Anything before 2020 was on a Nikon Coolpix A900.
  12. It’s a pale nape. A sharpie would have a nape that is basically a continuation of its crown.
  13. Agreed. Any more pics of the bird on the right in pic 2?
  14. Look at fall plumage for warblers, something that not all field guides show
  15. Sorry, forgot about Goshawks. Yes, Coopers/Sharpie, not accipiter sp.
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