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  1. Check out eBird data for the county you'll be going for, and use the Targets function to see a list of species and their frequencies. Depending on your warbler list, you should be able to pick up a few, especially if you learn their songs beforehand! I'll add the warbler song site that someone on here made (my mind is blanking on who to @) http://benguofilms.com/quiz.php?quiz=1&id=5992
  2. Some other things to note: ECDO are HUGE in comparison to MODO, and are much paler than normal MODOs
  3. I've seen quite a few female-type mallards with that buffy facial pattern, as well as some other oddities (dark eyebrow, black bill...). The answers I have usually received from others is that it's within the variability of typical plumage, even if it is noticeably odd. I will add that the saddle on this bird's bill is "translucent" something I haven't noticed before
  4. Glad to see the midwest is getting a taste of Redpoll mania! I have so many great memories from last winter.
  5. Oh, I see what I did. I thought the first photo was distorting the bill to make it look longer, so I thought it was only the "solid" part. My bad @cccougar. Hopefully you'll get those Rusties soon!
  6. Not a Screech. They wouldn't have that much black. I'm having trouble finding anything with that pattern. Closest I've come was a certain variety of chicken with that same pattern on a body feather, so some sort of game bird seems like a good guess. Most of the raptor feathers are barred, not whatever you call that pattern.
  7. Really? The tails don't look nearly long enough to me.
  8. When I get back to my dorm room I’ll pull out my feather book.
  9. I believe so. Bill looks curved. Definitely not grackles!
  10. You'll still be able to find a bunch of warblers in the summer!
  11. What is Olympic? Also, thank you @AlexHenry for the specification on the others!
  12. This one is on my bucket list: https://ebird.org/species/wallcr1 Those wing patches!!!
  13. OK, he's got the camera pointed right at us. Rotate anticlockwise a few degrees, point up a little more... FIRE!
  14. Nevermind, looks like I figured this out already. Found a note that said Dunnock
  15. Found this while going through old files. This bird was singing after sunset, and I have no idea where to start with ID. Looks kinda thrushy? Taken in April, in the Zealand part of Denmark. Forgive the language at the end, I can't edit it out. Was standing too close to other people . DSCN3929.MP4
  16. It's in my family's common lexicon, alongside other gems like Spaceballs and Nemo! We sometimes go what feels like days speaking only in quotes 😂
  17. Here's my thoughts: In favor of LEOW: ~Strong orange wing patch ~Strongly patterned wings In favor of GHOW: ~Is being chased by a Raven. I doubt the Raven would have searched out a hiding LEOW, while GHOW like to be more conspicuous. ~The white lines on the back are farther from the middle of the back, suggesting a large body. ~I feel like the black wrist patch on the topside of the wing would be easily seen, especially in pic 2, if it was LEOW.
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