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  1. Female or 2nd year male American Redstart. The yellow tail spots on the base of the tail is diagnostic
  2. True, different subspecies (maybe species soon)
  3. Seconding Warbling Vireo. They can get quite yellow!
  4. Can’t really say why, but this strikes me as a Tricolor. Definitely not Great Blue, feels off for LBHE to me, but probably best left as a heron sp.
  5. Welcome to Whatbird @SpiritHawk, and to the world of birding!
  6. Definitely Swainson’s with the buffy spectacles.
  7. I swear you’ve posted photos of Barn Owls here before. Wrong topic, or am I losing my mind?
  8. Pewee for me. No eyering, hint of a vest, long PP
  9. I don’t see a reason to think it’s not a Blue form bird. Either way, it doesn’t show any mottling on the crown, and the plumes appear to be dark, though we would need better photos to be certain if that.
  10. 100% a Kinglet. There is also a Wilson’s Warbler, I think
  11. Yes, but what you circled is a horizontal stripe that is too far forward.
  12. The spur on a GWTE is behind the head, and is vertical. Unless it’s an Eurasian, then the horizontal stripe is along the flanks. Even if that white isn’t reflection, as I think it is, it’s in the wrong location.
  13. Weird, the links up above brought me to different sound files. That’s why I couldn’t hear what @Quiscalus quiscula was hearing! These new files are not CHSP. Maybe Eastern Towhee?
  14. I think you might be hearing a combination of songs from the “CHSP” , Song, Blackbird, and whatever the whistler is (too low for Titmouse, maybe BAOR). I’m having trouble hearing any rising high frequencies.
  15. I agree, this is a Rock Wren. The undertail pattern and lack of barring on the underparts rules out House.
  16. Agreed. Im not seeing enough to ID it. I don’t see the shoulder spur. I can’t rule out Gadwall or Wigeon
  17. Can you give me a time where it occurs in either recording? The loudest song on both to me is just a single trill.
  18. Can you find any similar examples on Macaulay? To me the first song is the rising portion of the GCKI song. The second is an odd song variation. Brown Creeper has a much sweeter song that lacks the rising portion at the beginning, instead starting with a trill.
  19. They have a surprising repertoire of trills. Of the other trillers, DEJU is much more complex and higher pitched to me, Eastern Palm is super dry, PIWA is low and sweet. Plus it’s in a cemetery.
  20. That was my thought too, but I wanted to sit on it. Coming back, I’m still for YBFL. It’s pretty compact
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