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  1. Thank you for the discussion everyone! Very helpful. I agree with red-necked phalarope after spending some time learning the differences - the streaky back is visible in some of the photos.
  2. On October 24, I spotted a dozen of these shorebirds while on a whale watching tour several miles offshore in Monterey Bay, CA. I am not very familiar with phalaropes, but I'm quite sure they are Red Phalaropes or Red-necked Phalaropes. Very torn between the two, as I don't know many of the subtle differences between these species in non-breeding plumage. Any help would be much appreciated on the ID here! Apologies for the crappy photos. Thanks for your help! - Henry
  3. Hello, thanks for your opinions! I was also considering northern parula, but I am hesitant about this because eBird does not show a single record of a parula in this area in the month of July. What are your thoughts on black-throated blue or cerulean? Or even blackburnian? You are maybe correct that this is a parula and it is the first July record in the county. However, Norfolk, Ontario, is a county with a lot of birding, so I would have to be pretty confident to call this!
  4. Hello all, This warbler song was recorded last summer in southern Ontario, Canada. I thought I was confident on the ID, but re-listening to it makes me a little uncertain because I know there are some similar sounding warblers. I've attached the recording as a Google Drive link. It's a very quiet recording unfortunately - you will probably need to turn the volume up to full. The warbler sings at 2, 9, and 16 seconds. Any help would be much appreciated, I have been back and forth on it for a while now! https://drive.google.com/file/d/161f20g_LqcM9V_DR6HW25zIQguhSxiMA/view?usp=sharing Thank you, Henry
  5. Hi, thanks for your responses! Could you explain why you think American over Least?
  6. Hey everyone, I was going through old photos from last summer and came across these poor quality bittern photos in flight. This was in southeastern Ontario last July. I had seen a Least Bittern previously that morning, so I assumed it was the same again. However, after looking through the photos again, I am thinking this could be an American Bittern based on the size and shape. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Henry
  7. ok thank you, I appreciate the input! i guess it remains a mystery
  8. seems to have a pretty round head so I would say sharp-shinned hawk rather than cooper's, but tough to say without any scale for size
  9. Hello, I thought this might be a pine siskin but I am not so sure anymore because they seem to be quite uncommon for the area when I saw this bird. The photos were taken late August in Muskoka, Ontario. The feathers seem quite ruffled which is making the ID tough for me. Anyone have any thoughts? Apologies for the poor photos. Thank you!
  10. Thank you for your help! Didn't consider black-throated green because there is no black throat but I definitely agree with you after seeing photos of the juvenile.
  11. Hello, I saw these warblers in a forest in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario on August 1. I am fairly confident that Picture 1 is a juvenile Blackburnian warbler and Picture 2 is a Canada warbler (female or juvenile). I believe Picture 3 and 4 are of a juvenile Magnolia warbler based on the grey head, white eye ring, and black and white on wings, however I am pretty uncertain about this one. Could someone please confirm these IDs? Thank you! Henry
  12. Hello, I really struggle with identifying flycatchers and was hoping someone could help me out. I saw this flycatcher an hour from Toronto, Ontario on the side of a road, near a stream. Didn't hear its call unfortunately. Thanks for your help, Henry
  13. Ok great thank you for your help everyone!
  14. Hello, I saw this warbler hopping along a stream in Ontario, Canada today on June 20. Struggling to identify it... Thanks for your help. Henry
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