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  1. My first bird of 2020 was a seagull. It was flying, and I couldn't tell what kind of seagull it was. Happy New Year!!
  2. Hello, I saw this a few minutes ago on Long Island, NY. Can you please ID this hawk for me? Thank you very much!
  3. Hello, I saw this today on Long Island, NY. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I saw this on Long Island, NY on Oct. 15. Thank you!
  5. Great, thanks very much akandula! I am out of "likes" but will give your helpful post a "like" tomorrow. 🙂
  6. Yes, it is interesting! Thanks Bird Nuts. 🙂 Oops, unfortunately I'm all out of "likes" but I will come back tomorrow when my "likes" are replenished.
  7. Hope it's okay I'm posting a photo from back in May, but I've been going through my photos and I wanted to share this. I saw this in Central Park, NY during spring migration. It's was the first and only time I've ever seen an Evening Grosbeak. It was amazing seeing this beautiful bird. :)
  8. Hi again, I saw this on the same day (5/8/19) as the B&W warbler I posted about, also in Central Park, NY. Is this also a B&W Warbler? It looks different with the black throat and heavy streaks. Thanks again!
  9. Hi, I saw this in Central Park, NYC on May 8, 2019. I think this is a B&W Warbler, but It didn't seem as "streaky" as what I'm used to seeing. Thanks again.
  10. Thank you BarbetSmith for this great info!! And thank you, The Bird Nuts, too. :)
  11. Hi, Is it possible to ID this small duck? I saw this on 12/22/18 on Long Island, NY. Thanks again!
  12. Hi, I saw this on Long Island, NY on 11/25/18. Thank you!
  13. Great, thank you and thanks for the helpful tips!
  14. Hi, I saw this on 9/25/17 in the same area at the same time on Long Island, NY. Not sure if they can be ID'd since photo quality is not good. Thank you! 1. 2.
  15. Thank you! This is an interesting discussion, especially for a novice like me. I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly... There are Western Willet and Eastern Willet which are distinct, but not officially recognized as distinct? And the ones I photographed above are the Western version? Is that right?
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