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  1. By the way; if the Jay was a male or female, what would be the significance of them spending so many days together on a 12 inch perch over several years? Can a bird be color blind?
  2. Funny Charlie! I guess I may have jumped to a conclusion. I'm not at all a bird buff! I'm just an average family man. I support and respect those of you that take an interest in wildlife. My handicap keeps my natures education is limited to documentaries. I haven't seen many of those about common American birds. I'll keep an eye out! Thanks and farewell
  3. Funny Charlie! I guess I may have jumped to a conclusion. At least I had the male cardinal ID correct. LOL
  4. Thank you for that, I had no idea! I was under the impression that the females had a duller color! Why did they spend so many hours sitting side by side?
  5. I'm by no means an expert but I'm 65yo michigander and "I think" I can tell! If I'm right I see 2 distinct differences. The male Jay has higher contrast, blue to white, and has a well defined crown feather set. Not to omit that screeching call.
  6. Keep in mindthis went on for several years. They always seemed to be completely aware of each other! When one decided to fly away they both went the exact same direction. They seemed to behave like mates! I sat on my front porch daily and in my mind, admired them because I live in a mixed race family and would wonder why people of different species (races) have such difficulties being so "socially accepted"!
  7. For 13 years in downriver Detroit I was revisted every summer by both a Male Cardinal AND a male Blue Jay. Nearly every day, each summer, both males would spend a long time "side by side" on the tall light pole in my yard! Is this normal for the males birds of 2 different species of birds to form such a long term relationship??
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