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  1. Going through some old photos and I'm trying to ID these. They were seen in the town of Mindo (near houses, streets, etc.) not in the adjoining forest. Bird # 1 -- a Spinetail Unfortunately clicked against the sky, underexposed and a heavy heavy crop. This bird was in a small tree on the roadside. It has some rufous on the face/cap. The spines in the tail are visible, so looking like Slaty Spinetail considering the chin is plain Bird #2 -- a Flycatcher Seems fit for Tropical Kingbird Bird # 3 -- a Blackbird? There were about 20 perched in a tree. One of them was calling/singing, audio recording added Mindo_bird_call_1.wav
  2. Was going through some old photos and found this one from a park in the Bronx, NY in May 2013 To me this looks like a Warbling Vireo since there are no dark lores. Would like to get an expert take a look if possible. Thanks for looking
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