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  1. I've had my feeders down since December 20. Try spreading the word around to your neighborhood about taking feeders down.
  2. @Connor Cochrane I've got two more for you... these are from July near La Pine, OR. You'll have to scroll down a ways. Some in the background of the second crossbill recording seem like type 2 to me. I'm stumped on the first recording. https://ebird.org/checklist/S71886279 (both recordings are on this checklist)
  3. Is this a type 3 Red Crossbill? January 23 in Portland, OR. I have some photos too if needed but they're very bad and calls seem to be the best way to type crossbills. This one was a female, I think--very yellow. https://ebird.org/pnw/checklist/S79796419
  4. I'll try to come back to this when I get my 200th lifer, which is hopefully in the near future.
  5. Gadwall? I feel like this could be anything, lol.
  6. We don’t get Black vultures where I live! So Black Vulture would be a lifer for me, too. Heck, I saw a Turkey Vulture a few days ago and it made it on the rare bird alert because we lose them in the winter.
  7. So should I leave it as larus sp. or go ahead and report it as Glaucous-winged x Herring?
  8. Here's a close-up of the second gull's head. Its eye seems pale to me.
  9. I'm assuming this is leucism and not weird hybrid genes
  10. Today 1/18 at a duck pond near Portland, OR. 1) (3 gulls) All California? 2) Herring? 3) Glaucous-winged? 4) California? Thanks!
  11. Yes. This is a distinct bird in North America with the red belly, gray back, white undertail coverts, and partial white eye ring.
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