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  1. A few things make me think this is a purple finch. The streaks seem way too faint, as well as the wing bars. The bird also has a lot more red on it. The red extends farther down the chest as well as the wings.
  2. Are the first two photos purple finch? Thought it was a house finch at first but the reddish wings are throwing me off. Also, the last two photos are house finch, right? Just making sure.
  3. Occasionally I hear bald eagles and red-tailed hawks and think they’re ospreys at first. You might want to check those out.
  4. I’ve been in this exact situation, except mine was a bald eagle. Was a disappointing day.
  5. I only left my state once this year, and only left my city >30 times, plus I only started birding in February, so my list is only 127. I would like to go to the coast to get that number up 🙂
  6. I think it could be a juvenile Cooper’s hawk. I found some similar calls, but they’re not exactly the same: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/32542921#_ga=2.225521242.1903938542.1596563663-1556827482.1594701209
  7. Last two look like female Anna’s but I’m probably wrong.
  8. The large black spot on its chest alone can identify it as a Northern Flicker.
  9. I'll try switching out the seeds in my feeders, but if it goes bad that quickly, odds are my entire bag has gone bad.
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