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  1. I agree with Brown Creeper. To me they sound like a downward scoop, which your spectrogram does a great job of illustrating.
  2. I posted the third pic on iNaturalist and people are saying it’s a Horned. Thoughts? https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/72144568
  3. Okay here's my description: This bird can often be heard calling at night and it prefers to nest on the ground.
  4. I see them the most in neighborhoods. My advice is just walk around a neighborhood with a good amount of trees and bushes in it and listen for their distinct calls.
  5. I would say let's race to 200, but you live in California so you'd win by default.
  6. Mountain Bluebird! They are a rare bird in my county. Photo conditions were crap but I still got photos so I'm happy.
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