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  1. No, because anyone can fall but levitating takes skill!
  2. That's possible, but I thought the wing would be blocking the sky if there was a gap.
  3. The only difference in the edited photos is you can see a tiny bit of white on the top of the tail. It's pretty hard to spot.
  4. So that's why it was flagged as rare when I reported my Bewick's Wren as spilurus group subspecies?
  5. Did some fiddling with the lighting and it looks like it might possibly have a white tail. Bald eagle, maybe?
  6. Taken 10/22 in Portland, OR. Initially struck me as an eagle, but it could also be a hawk or raven. The bird only looks entirely black in the photos because it was against a bright sky and my camera skills are horrible. I never got a good look at the bird's plumage though, so it could be all black. It was quite large, but it was far away so it was hard to tell exactly how large. Any thoughts based off of these meager photos?
  7. Yes, the picture has to be taken after the new challenge is decided edit: actually I shouldn’t speak for Connor as it’s his challenge, so don’t take my word for it
  8. I was wondering about the bill too. My brain kept trying to convince me that I could see a hint of orange in the photos.
  9. I figured it out. It was taken in my backyard on October 16th. I found the exact tree and branch where the bird was standing!
  10. Hutton's is a lifer. Problem is I can't remember where or when I took this photo! I just know it was sometime this week in my city.
  11. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet visited my suet feeder for the first time and I got some adequate photos.
  12. I'm just going to take a picture of the hill by my house covered in Douglas Firs and assume one of the trees has two species in it.
  13. All photos taken within the past week. 1) It looks like a Glaucous-winged Gull, but it has a lot of black on its beak. It definitely has grey wing tips, not black. I can't figure out what color its eyes are. Maybe a hybrid? 2) I assumed this was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but I would like to double check this one.
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