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  1. I like Google’s definition for gestalt: an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. I don’t use the word “jizz” around people who aren’t familiar with birding slang because to most people it means something inappropriate.
  2. This is making me very frustrated! The bill looks perfect for a bluebird but shouldn’t the plumage be spotted? For all the birds that the bill looks good for, the plumage doesn’t seem to match. I just can’t place it.
  3. “And so I said, ‘Well gosh, Linda, don’t you think Jimmy is a little old to be doing that?’ And she had the AUDACITY to... Hey, are you even listening to me??”
  4. The juncos have returned to my backyard. They are in the area year round but are more picky with their habitat during breeding season, so they are only winter visitors in my backyard.
  5. Thanks. I also got both dowitchers and Pectoral Sandpiper. It was a good day.
  6. These photos were taken September 3rd in Portland, Oregon. 1. Lesser Yellowlegs? 2. Also LEYE? 3. Blue-winged Teal?
  7. But there is a strong correlation...
  8. Saw some American Wigeons and Green-winged Teals yesterday. I haven’t seen those since early spring. Winter ducks are coming!
  9. Does this audio exist anywhere? Sounds entertaining
  10. It’s working fine for me on my iPhone. Sounds like a Virginia Rail.
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