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  1. yellow-breasted chat is a possibility, according to Merlin. (adult in picture, allaboutbirds.org)
  2. immature female Baltimore oriole? (picture from allaboutbirds.org)
  3. greetings. new. what is "lifer"?
  4. Merlin came up with Rock Pigeon also, citing a wide array of colour, including all white. search here (whatbird) would yield rock pigeon, but only if colour was not used; using colour (all white) did not seem to produce any more relevant result(s).
  5. . . . in looking into binary differentiation, however, i have learned that there are several observable characteristics (such as bill length, gape curvature, bill tip extension) that may differ for individuals. [the study i reference focused on european herring gulls; it seems reasonable to imagine these and/or other characteristics may also apply to ring-billed gulls.] i'm hopeful such differences, as well as natural markings, and behaviour, might help in differentiating one (or a few) particular individual(s) from the population. if anyone is interested by the challenge, i have pictures (and possibly video); informed opinions and thoughtful suggestions welcome.
  6. now that i've had a bit of time to look into the subject, it seems, from what i've gleaned, (i'm a beginner), that binary differentiation is more comparative than individual, as Tony Leukering has said; in practice, as said by Connor Cochrane, there may be little success in lay differentiation based on casual observance of external characteristics. . .
  7. thank you for this information. apparently, there is a limit on 'liking' posts, which I've already exceeded today -- apologies; please accept a 'raincheck'.
  8. in the article regarding baby/injured birds, the link to find rehabilitation directed to a lost page. in u.s., one may search for rehabilitation by state d.e.c. site.
  9. greetings. new here, beginner. based on colour and plume: indian peafowl. colour (though perhaps less electric), plume, location: steller's jay. size? was the bird on the ground, in a tree, flying, etc.?
  10. greetings. first post. possible nonbreeding adult ring-billed gull: lake Erie, western new york state; late june; late afternoon / early evening (/prevening). observed in water; flying short distances; walking and laying on dry land (grass); on rocky shore; walking on pavement. body mostly white, some (grey / grey-brown?) mottling on head and neck area; wings mostly grey; tail end mostly dark/black; black/dark eyes; grey(?) feet. information regarding identification of species / subspecies, 'gender', approximate age, all much appreciated.
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