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  1. Hi. Yes. I tried using color. I also googled for a while. I assumed it was a pigeon, but just wasn’t sure based on the pure lily white color covering each feather. I don’t recall ever seeing an all white pigeon before. The size also threw me. It didn’t seem as “stout” as a pigeon. It appeared taller-closer to a crow.
  2. Spotted at 6:30 am on a low bridge wall overlooking Neshaminy Creek in Lower Bucks County. Appears to be the size of a crow. It might be the lighting or the poor quality of the photo itself, but it’s eyes appear as if the bird is an albino? A bright, and pure white. Only color is on the beak and feet, which were more orange than anything. The bird was perched there at least a few minutes. Just turned and looked as this photo was taken. It was not disturbed. It remained there after I drive away. I havnt seen anything like this on a search of the net.
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