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  1. 11/19/19 SW Ohio Green winged teal on left for size comparison. Rufous head, Black and White rump, overall gray.
  2. SW ohio 10 /22 Middle image Dunlin, chunky with down-curved bill. ? Very poor top image, Stilt? Bottom Greater Yellowlegs, grey bill base.
  3. SW ohio 10/20 ,Immature Herring or Lesser Black Backed?
  4. Black -Throated First year female, does not show dark throat.This was taken recently as an example.
  5. I would agree with Golden on 3, due to bill size, overall color, and tail projection.
  6. Thanks all, with respects to the finch, the Black bill and feet don’t mean much for field marks?
  7. Today, Pine warbler? Tennessee ?, Savannah ?, Goldfinch. ... Black bill and dark feet are throwing me off Lesser?
  8. Poor lighting conditions, Ohio. 2 and 3 are same bird, different angle, 6 and 7 same bird. 4 looks like Blackburnian immature.
  9. Behavior would nail down Spotted quickly.When it landed, did it “twerk” its rump? Relative size would also help as there is no good reference .Sparrow size, Thrush size?
  10. Without knowing the relative size, my guess would be Dunlin due to wing pattern and long droopy bill. Not enough to count but at least an educated guess.
  11. Maturity of the bird, this is a Least taken recently, it was no bigger than my thumb.
  12. Second image, the back leg out from the shadows is light. The wing tips do not extend past tail. The rufous on back and the slightly down curved thick bill says Least.
  13. I agree a full grown adult will be significantly larger than this first year bird.
  14. These are 2 different birds. Added the obvious Yellow , with the banded tail, for comparison. It is probable that they are all Yellow, but immature birds take some extra effort, hence my posting. Additional images, different birds.
  15. The thrushes and cuckoos descended en masses in this sycamore grove , feasting on crawly things. Most of the Cuckoos were Yellow, but one seemed different.No banding on tail, but showing yellow lower mandible ,at least at base. Iris and orbital ring are different.Thanks, Top,Black,no tail banding/iris and ring, bottom Yellow. l
  16. Based on the vocalization alone, all I can offer is a recently fledged bird that is hanging around near its nest calling for food from the parents. Were adult birds around? Youngsters of all species will make a ruckus for more food, exposing them to predators.
  17. Wow ,that is one of the few Piping I have seen that doesn’t have 3 or more bands attached to it. Lucky Goose.
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