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  1. I am seeing a little bit of dirty yellow legs on top image. The breast streaking continues down from the neck to the upper belly in image 3 and 4 and ends crisply. Pectoral would be my best thought. Baird’s are rather squat sitting birds ,from the knee joint up is minimal.
  2. This was taken 10 days ago , one of a family of Warbling that I have followed all season, through mating, nesting and fledging. Just for comparison.
  3. I am getting crickets from the local data base here in Ohio as well which is unusual.
  4. A female Barrow’s will have a yellow bill in breeding season. Assuming the ducklings are hers, I would guess that she has breed recently. That being said, the forehead slope is near vertical ,which is diagnostic of Barrow.Fence sitting.
  5. This species rocks back and forth centered on its legs as a pivot point rather than just the rump bobbing up and down like a Spotted.
  6. This morning SW Ohio, Kite? The dark face mask is throwing me off.
  7. Thanks all, next episode will feature Sultry Starlings-the untold story.
  8. The Eastern “red” sub has visible but not outstanding median and primary bars.A recessive gene that may or may not occur? The western birds behave differently than the eastern, they are not as much ground hugging.
  9. A couple from this morning, SW Ohio. Top I thought was a Yellow, but when I got to the image female Wilson”s due to tail and crown.Bottom image ,large eye ring, originally thought Nashville, now not sure. Connecticut ? Somehow got double image. .
  10. SW ohio ,this week, thought it was either Yellow throated Vireo or Yellow throated Warbler when I took the shot, but putting it on the Apple gave me this image. Suggestions? It was in a loose group of Warbling Vireos , Blue Grey Gnatcatchers and Parulas.thanks
  11. My guess would be a Dowitcher, how did they feed?Like a sewing machine would nail it down.
  12. Based upon tail and wing shape, and that they appear to be all black, I would say Fish Crow. If they were a Grackle species, would expect to see some lighter, tan/brown/ grey individuals.
  13. Forster’s wings extend past tips of tails and they will already be in eclipse now. Bonnie it may very well be but this one seems thick and there was no mention of more of this type observed, so a single solitary post breeding dispersal of a Franklin vs. the group loving Bonnies makes sense.
  14. Top bird is Common Tern. The hooded gull looks good for youngster Franklin’s as the dark of the hood creeps up the back of the neck vs. a Laughing which extends fairly evenly around neck. Pass on the other two gulls in transition.
  15. The fourth toe and short somewhat thick bill = Semi. Also the “shoulders” show defined streaking. White- rumped wings extend past tail .
  16. Turkey for sure. Their tails are rectangular shaped vs. triangle shape of the Black. The Black will also show some white patches on wings. Young Turkey will have all dark beak, which can be confusing.
  17. The orbital disks, the flat circles surrounding the eyes are very notable in a barn owl, as is the absence of discernible ears.
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