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  1. Behavior wise, you should have seen the rump nervously move up and down, like a teeter totter.You can use this behavior to ID them from a long distance simply by their movements.
  2. So do you mean it could be any of those two species, or is it a hybrid between the two? Based upon behavior and riparian location, I would tend with the former ID.That being said, I should have thrown the birding rule book out the window and played a song from one of the many apps available to see which one got the birds attention.
  3. The bill is stout enough for that species and an eye ring is visible.
  4. Flycatcher SW Ohio .Did not vocalize, seemed to like staying close to ground near the lake.
  5. Semipalmated confirm, white supercilium, short straight bill, dark legs.
  6. Tail feathers say Black -Capped Gnatcatcher, it is in range. Obviously, bill shape is not right. Red eye may be result of lighting conditions.
  7. Observed today 7-28, SW Ohio. Yes location precludes the possibilities of that species you mentioned, but that is exactly why I posted this sighting
  8. Listening for vocalization, which may be tough this late in breeding season, is the best ID for this family of flycatchers. They look very similar, but they sound distinct.
  9. Yellows are more active during the day than their cousins. Their eyes can better adapt to bright light than the Black.
  10. This is more than likely another Red Winged, but have never seen so much white on wing patch.
  11. Going back through my images, found this bird .SW Ohio .Bittern or Heron? Thanks.
  12. Well ,the chew,chew,chew, cheww is a Northern Cardinal.
  13. 7-8-19 SW Ohio , seen atop dead tree- mostly conifers but deciduous mixed in.Appears to have eye ring, vocalized with a medium speed trill without pitch change.TY.
  14. Merlin and its like are the scourge of accurate bird identification. it may point you in the general direction, but further due diligence is required to have a 99.9% ID.
  15. From that angle, both the Sooty and the Shorty look similar. Size is going to help ID, Short is 33% smaller. Small tern size vs. gull size.
  16. Orange eyes and grey head plus location=ID ty
  17. Did you hear them, that helps to ID when they are overhead. Tundras have a cooing /whooing voice ,owllike while the Trumpeter ,is hornlike. The lores are different but you need to be ground level to see that.
  18. Western Tanagers would be my 3 cent thought. Really not enough to go on for a positive ID.
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