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  1. Any ideas for this ? Swampy area west of Memphis.4 27 19.
  2. The bird is holding a small fish horizontally.This is what is throwing the profile off.Shadow angle is consistent with the birds shadow.Pied.
  3. I have heard, never tried, that peppermint mouth wash, after you boil the alcohol out of it for a spell is dynamite for hummers.There is a ranch out in Utah that uses it.Lots of hummers-when I was there sitting on a bench observing, it reminded me of a Harry Potter movie where all of the keys are flying around.
  4. SW ohio ,not Cave, , perhaps Melanogaster sub species native to the southwest North America.Chestnut forehead.Or just Barn morphing? #1 typical Cliff.
  5. I am thinking Dusky, which would be out of range, but that happens.Lores, the breast and belly color , and bill are what I am looking at.
  6. That would be my first choice as well, Rough -winged have a dirty throat /chest and perhaps this one may be puffed out a bit leading to the suggestion of a collar.
  7. Without seeing the forehead, Cave will have orange , Cliff will have pale white, not definitive. However due the amount of white belly and your roosting description, Cliff is going to be the overwhelming favorite.
  8. Yes eye ring and crown nail it.Also black bars on back.Have never seen one this colorful before. Great image ! They can be very flitty so capturing this so well is a feather in your cap.
  9. Does this look good for Bank, the collar is ill defined.
  10. I don’t know where big bongo preserve is, but I am sure the author of the inquiry does, obviously in relation to the mountain range mention.
  11. Green Heron.Chestnut/maroon throat and white stripes.
  12. Location is key for this ID. West of the Sierra Nevadas is Nuttal, east is Ladderback with a tiny overlap .They do hybridized.Nuttal’s black cheek extends down to the shoulders. Location should help you ID.
  13. Yes juvenile Red Shouldered with that tail pattern.
  14. Western Kingbird.Note the white verticals edging on tail.Very nice images ,can you blur them up a bit next time so they look more familiar to mine.
  15. Due to the lack of streaking on the head ,neck and throat, Glaucous may fit. Not sure if that is a local bird for you,might be on the southern edge of it’s raange.
  16. Well, I have researched myself out of calling this a Franklin’s, given the information in the image. Without being able to see the leg color,black/reddish vs red/orange for the Bonaparte.The bill still has me spooked,should have some red in it by now.And the tips of the primaries should have white tips, which I am not seeing.
  17. Thanks to all.While sitting here, I got to wondering if this bird should have some amount of red in the bill tip.Adults should have them irregardless of molt but I am not certain when immature start showing this , being a 2 year gull.
  18. Because the black mask doe not creep up to the top of the head and the length of the primaries projection past the tail, Forster’s
  19. Yesterday 4/1 SW Ohio, the Bonapartes are starting to move in gradually. Second image is a Bonnie. First image I shrugged off as another but upon further review .... The gull in question was resting and would not move, and I had no intention of disturbances.(never have a dog walker on the beach when you need one) .Franklins are uncommon but usually in fall, Laughing would be off the charts. The 270 degree eye ring ,along with the extent of the sooty head and cheeks makes me doubt my initial thoughts. Bonaparte in early spring plumage for comparisons.Bill may seem a little stouter.
  20. The white iris on this one suggests Brewers. That is definitely not yellow.
  21. Top one sure looks like a deterrent bird, perhaps to keep pigeons or gulls from fouling the area.The bird in tree, hard to see, does not appear to have ears, which narrows things down.It has facial disks.Looks like there may be two birds in that second image,a gray one with outstretched wings and below that the brown one. A breeding pair of Northern Harriers.?
  22. Does this look good for cliff? White forehead.
  23. Yes thank you I have the Panasonic 1200 zoom which is sloowww to pick up movement but awesome for stationary objects.
  24. Believe me I know, can not count how many near hits/misses. Frustrating - dang what was that moments. It’s all fun though.
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