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  1. Observed today 2/19/19 SW Ohio .Local birds are Red Tailed and Red Shouldered.Merlins and Rough Legged are sometimes seen .Thanks. Two different birds.
  2. The terns are Forster’ s, the raccoon face, the tail projects well beyond wing tips, bill color is variable in age and breeding season.
  3. A gull of some kind? Bonaparte’s with the black trailing wing edge would fit middle image.
  4. I would lean to Black-chinned female due to the dirty grey cap, the eyeliner and the black tail feathers.The cap on a Costa’s would extend down over the eyes .
  5. If the bird vocalized at all, that will be the most reliable means of ID. A Tundra makes a hoo coo ,almost owl like. The Trumpeter will ,obviously sound like a instrument being played.
  6. I use ratio of head to bill length as a measuring stick.Also belly markings
  7. How to I upload an image to what bird for help getting an I D? Keeps getting kicked out for too large a file size thank you.
  8. Bewick’s tail is bordered in white,the eye stripe is white and black and the cheek is a checkered black and white. House wren.
  9. Western bill is black from tip to base ,and much stouter overall.The western bird is also drab and muted.Eastern.
  10. Trying to insert a photo for ID help but gets kicked out for too large a file size.How to do this?
  11. Bird 3 juvenile Laughing Gull. 2 grackle. 1 looks good for Sulphuric.
  12. Based upon lack of black wingtips and the tail feathers make a V rather than a U, I’d call this a Forsters.
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