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  1. Houston backyard. The fence cap is about 14-16 inches across Thanks
  2. Okay yeah duh I can see the red heads. Especially on my original pics.
  3. Day on the Prairie west of Houston with my newish lens 1 2 3 same bird as 2 I think 4. 5 & 6 Same bird
  4. Thanks I see neotropics literally every day and have been trying to pick out one of these for months.
  5. In Houston I see Neotropics everyday. This lacks the white behind the bill and has more yellow above. So Double-crested? thanks
  6. Just saw this in the backyard. Houston. We see Coopers often but thought this was A Sharp-shinned. Dusk so had to over-expose Thanks
  7. Just starting to learn ducks. Man made lake/pond in Houston. 1. Among Mallards so assumed also a Mallard Greenish bill and no white in tail. Now thinking American Black? 2. Lacks the white Bars on the speculum Grayish bill No white by eye. Green wing teal? 3 White on front Can’t find anything like this in guides so thinking something domestic Thank
  8. Okay so King or Clapper Rail. Thanks. Both were reported on eBird at his spot in the days after I was there. Here is the betterhe better picture at higher resolution. Right now I’m leaning Clapper.
  9. I know you folks are really good. How about this guy. Ran into the weeds next to the road and would not come out. Galveston island Wetlands on bay side. thanks
  10. Okay I see it white morph says dark Bill on juvenile. There were at least three there on Tuesday.
  11. Sorry Galveston TX. Bolivar Flats preserve
  12. Large like a Great Egret but Big Black bill. Standing very erect and long thickish legs. Seems too big to be a snowy and feet do not appear to be yellow. Not the same bird. thanks
  13. Galveston this week. Back seems black rather than dark gray so Greater but not that much larger than the laughing Gull. thanks
  14. Ok Thanks. Definitely matches what we saw and makes sense now. I tend to discount the “uncommon” ones. Have to get over that. Someone else saw one the same location the day before. still amazed at what you folks can pull from terrible pictures
  15. Sorry bought a new camera and still learning the autofocus Galveston Island Bayside sometimes you folks get a lot from bad stuff Big with white around throat and neck thanks as always
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