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  1. Orange-crowned? Edith L Moore Sanctuary feeders thanks
  2. Actually a couple people told us there was an Indigo Bunting in this area. We should have known. Thanks
  3. Big help thanks. People were seeing the Vireos and the Bunting but we weren’t sure. Swainson’s Hawk is new for us. They are on eBird for this spot yesterday should have seen that as a possibility.
  4. Lafite’s Cove which a small wooded patch. About 3 pm as the front was coming in 1. 2. 3. Not much here some brown and a bit of blue 4. Finally a Mississippi Kite or a white-tailed Kite? thanks as always
  5. In Houston during recent snow. 1. Please confirm this is a white-throated sparrow 2/3 are these Savannah Sparrows 4. Is this a juvenile Robin or a thrush. Thanks
  6. Southwest of Houston Brazos Bend State Park what is this please? thanks
  7. West of Houston in Katy Prairie 1. Peregrine falcon? 2. Northern Harrier? 3. Is this something other than a red-tail? Did not see it fly off. Everything we see lately turns out to be a red-tail once we see it fly. thanks
  8. West of Houston 1. thinking lesser yellowlegs. Nothing else around for size but thinking 11-12 inches 2. Meadowlark Western on rare bird alert for this spot but eastern far more common 3. Blue headed vireo? thanks as always
  9. Wow like 30 seconds for a response new record. Thanks
  10. I hate to guess as it’s embarrassing to be so wrong so often but.. okay 1 Song Sparrow? 2. Is this an oriole? 3. Thought this was a house finch but then noticed red on the back. Is this something else thanks
  11. Neighborhood around Houston. Been through guides but we are stumped on these. thanks as always 1. 2. 3. 4.
  12. Getting many new birds in our backyard in Houston and could use ID assistance 1 2 3 thanks
  13. I hate to guess anymore but is this a Snowy? Galveston TX And what is this please? Thanks
  14. Galveston/Bolivar 1. Whimbrel? Godwit? (with a Snowy Plover?) Greater Yellowlegs (it was with a Willet and was about the same size) and What is this? Thanks as always
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