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  1. thanks. we will have to go back and keep looking.
  2. Red-naped has been showing up in rare bird reports for this exact location in Houston. Believe this one is Yellow-bellied but there has been discussion among those of us who saw it so wanted more expert confirmation. thanks
  3. Thanks. I hate it when my wife is right (happens a lot)
  4. West Houston Got a Merlin sound ID for Gadwall but am hopeless at picking Gadwalls from a sea of Mallards. Are any of these other than Mallard. (Different ducks) thanks
  5. Parker River NWR MA thinking chipping and Merlin sound ID was Chipping but ebird is doubtful for this location and no one has seen Chipping around here its the one on the left in pic 2 thanks
  6. Edith L Moore sanctuary this morning. Lousy picture. thanks
  7. 1. Aransas Pass (saltwater) yesterday. black-necked stilt he’s for scale. Greater or lesser yellowlegs? 2. Today up by Corpus Christi so freshwater. Longer bill with a bit of an up turn so we are thinking Greater? thanks
  8. First NOT a dead bird! This bird was stunned and got up and flew away within about 15 seconds! it is very very rare for birds to fly into these windows and we have added decals January in Houston. Tile is about 6 inches so bird is about 10 I thought this was a young male sharp shinned at the time but now wonder thanks
  9. Lafitte’s Cove in Galveston #1. same bird then we came by nearby an hour later. Could be the same or different bird #2 no sounds. A Least was reported here. Merlin says least Least, Willow or Alder. Any of those are a first but believe we are flycatcher sp. thanks
  10. I saw a Cactus Wren there in January 2020. It was right in front of the lodge I got a pretty good picture and it was confirmed by a couple people here on Whatbird. Not saying this was a Cactus Wren but they are in the Basin by the lodge. sorry just noted you were higher up not by the lodge. Never mind
  11. As a “new” birder (about a year) many things here are helpful. Classes, guides, binoculars (then better binoculars) and guided trips with local experts have all been invaluable. A field guide doesn’t really help with Sharp-shinned or Coopers till you have seen a few of both. The gulf coast during migration is a blessing because it’s easy to get help from people at the hot spots. 90% of the people are wonderful. Maybe 10% can be condescending. Cameras are important to capture images for later study. It’s an important part of learning for us new to birding. This forum is very good for IDs but It’s not always a friendly forum for new birders.
  12. Galveston yesterday 1. Is this a mix of sanderlings and westerns 2. sanderlng? 3 ? I’m trying to learn if the difference in coloring is species or maturity merlin says sanderling, western or semipalmated for almost all of these thanks
  13. Maybe 10-15 birds flying around in Katy Prairie west of Houston. merlin says cliff swallows or cave swallow. They were backlit so quite a bit of lightening in the photos thanks as always
  14. East Texas Chambers County. Looks good to us for a Glossy and experienced person next to us said Glossy. EBird seems skeptical. thanks
  15. Galveston. Big migration hot spot. No one else saw a Hooded Oriole. Is that right? thanks
  16. I understand the one on the left is Indigo. On the right is a Grosbeak? Blue Grosbeak would be a lifer so we usually look for confirmation. thanks
  17. Orange-crowned? Edith L Moore Sanctuary feeders thanks
  18. Actually a couple people told us there was an Indigo Bunting in this area. We should have known. Thanks
  19. Big help thanks. People were seeing the Vireos and the Bunting but we weren’t sure. Swainson’s Hawk is new for us. They are on eBird for this spot yesterday should have seen that as a possibility.
  20. Lafite’s Cove which a small wooded patch. About 3 pm as the front was coming in 1. 2. 3. Not much here some brown and a bit of blue 4. Finally a Mississippi Kite or a white-tailed Kite? thanks as always
  21. In Houston during recent snow. 1. Please confirm this is a white-throated sparrow 2/3 are these Savannah Sparrows 4. Is this a juvenile Robin or a thrush. Thanks
  22. Southwest of Houston Brazos Bend State Park what is this please? thanks
  23. West of Houston in Katy Prairie 1. Peregrine falcon? 2. Northern Harrier? 3. Is this something other than a red-tail? Did not see it fly off. Everything we see lately turns out to be a red-tail once we see it fly. thanks
  24. West of Houston 1. thinking lesser yellowlegs. Nothing else around for size but thinking 11-12 inches 2. Meadowlark Western on rare bird alert for this spot but eastern far more common 3. Blue headed vireo? thanks as always
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