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  1. Someone suggested a Grackle but I have seen lots of Grackles in Ontario and there are none in the Australian bird book. I can't even go by the vegetation as it could be either country.
  2. I think it was Australia but could be Ontario. Canada. I have a Petersons Field guide for Eastern Birds, the USA and Canada, and can't find it in there.
  3. I have Grackle photos and they are all iridescent blues, purples and bronze with blue chest.
  4. I saw this bird in 2018. Can't find anything that matches it. Sadly can't remember where I took it either. Any ideas? Not the best of photos sadly.
  5. I do believe you are correct. The picture I have in the Slater Field Guide of Australian birds appears to show a light brown chest and the green only appears much lower down and very light. In my photo it appears mostly green all over. However the light markings on the wing looks right and the blue under the throat. Sometimes the paintings aren't as accurate as they could be or perhaps it changes at breeding time. I really appreciate your help. I wish I had seen it flying. But then I wouldn't have got the photos. Thank you
  6. On the Great Dividing Range. N.W. of Brisbane.
  7. Can anyone ID this bird please. Seen by a stream in the Bunya Mountain area . I believe it is a young bird.
  8. I see the eyes are the same, I will go with the Veery. I couldn't find anything else that looked like it. I honestly didn't put the two together. Thank you for help. Much appreciated.
  9. I had the photo of the Veery that I already identified, also from Pt Pelee. It didn't look like the same bird to me. Thank you.
  10. I saw this small bird at Point Pelee in May last year. Unfortunately It was the only photo I managed to get. ID would be appreciated.
  11. The bird was quite a distance away. I was lucky to even get that one. I have a better camera now 🙂. If it turned slightly it might have revealed the red breast.
  12. Thank you. I finally found a photo that matches it. I appreciate your help. So different to the males.
  13. Sorry. I should have checked the bird. I posted two birds. First time posting. I can see now. I think the lack of the red breast through me off. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  14. Thanks but the markings on the face don't match the Grossbeak, or a young Red Winged Blackbird.
  15. It appeared way too small for a red winged blackbird. Thank you. I will follow that one up.
  16. Bird was photographed at Hawk Cliff Woods, May 15. Colour - dark brown/white feathers, peach coloured face with brown bars and small white patch above eye. Finch like beak.
  17. I saw this small bird at Hawk Cliff Woods, that overlooks Lake Erie. Date taken May 15th.
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