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  1. Thank you for taking the time to post the warbler pictures. I am really curious to learn more about the species.
  2. Wow! I would consider that to be awesome. If so, I can add it to my sparrows of Illinois collection. Thank you!
  3. Took this picture at 5:30 PM this evening at the Adams Wildlife Sanctuary in Springfield, Illinois. It was playing around in the brush and tall grass. I am thinking it might be a White Throated Sparrow. But I am not sure. Have looked at several pictures of sparrows and there are many to choose from. Thank you, Lonnie
  4. I will have to look it up on the internet. Just to see if it's native to Illinois. A friend of mine told there is a tree on his property. That has a vastly large group of these nests.
  5. Took these pictures in central Illinois. They were in a wooded area hanging over a creek. I have never seen a hanging birds nest in person. The top nest is about 6 inches across. The bottom nest is about 4 inches across. Which species of bird could they be from? Thank you, Lonnie
  6. Hi Trevor, I will tell you about a camera that I have. It is a Nikon D3200 and I use a 70-300 mm lens on it. The lens I have is a manual lens. But for bird watching I would recommend an autofocus lens that will work on the D3200. You can find quality used Nikon D3200's on eBay. They will usually come with the standard 18-55mm lens. I consider the Nikon D3200 or 3300 with the 70-300 auto focus lens to be an excellent starter set. But my opinion is based on my personal experience. There are others making recommendations also. Thank you, Lonnie
  7. Does anyone have particular plans for bird watching or bird photography in the winter months? My first experience with bird watching and photography started in May of 2020. I have enjoyed it very much. The Meadows in central Illinois are silent now. The small colorful birds that we used to see have migrated south for the winter. I would like to continue bird photography outings during the winter. But the bird traffic has really slowed down. Thank you, Lonnie
  8. Thank you very much Alex. I may go back and try to get more pictures.
  9. This picture was taken in central Illinois on July 4th at 10:30 AM. It was in a meadow area next to a corn field. It has a round head, grayish-white chest with a shade of yellow toward the bottom. Would like to know your opinion please. Thank you, Lonnie
  10. I have seen the older and more mature bluebirds flying into the nesting hole. I assume these are the parents.
  11. Hi Leandz, I read an article that said older bluebird siblings will help with feeding the young. Now I have evidence of this. I took a picture of a juvenile bluebird carrying a worm into the nest. The yellow part of the underdeveloped mandible can be seen in the picture. I am not sure if all of the juveniles stay at the nest or how long they stay.
  12. Would you say the Eastern Bluebird is a male?
  13. I think the picture is just fine. The birds don't always pose the way we want them too.
  14. Not sure, but I will be watching this thread.
  15. Hi Charlie, You are right about the noise of driving down steel fence posts. I found a place in a remote area where I live. Have been there 6 or 7 times within the past 4 weeks. It is beside a forest, a creek bank, and about 30 feet in front of a dead tree. I have 3 or 4 locations in mind. Not exactly sure where I will drive in the posts. I also have a clothes line to use. Have also seen the small pop up blinds for under $75.00 like you mentioned. Have noticed that when I set still in a lawn chair for a few minutes. The birds will begin to appear. Just curious to see what it would be like if I were somewhat hidden.
  16. Has anyone ever built a temporary bird blind? I am thinking about building one this weekend. Purchased a couple of camouflage nets on eBay. I have 4 steel fence posts and a fence post driver. Clothes line can also be used. I have different ideas for different locations. The blind will be temporary and not destructive to property. Has anyone ever tried something like this? Would like to hear the thoughts and opinions of others. Thank you, Lonnie
  17. Brown-Head Cowbird in central Illinois
  18. The picture is beautiful. I have never seen a Yellow Headed Blackbird. Thank you for sharing.
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