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  1. Ok for some reason unknown I like that photo. See what I can do with the raw image and hang it on the wall.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/MEO9iRc I think I got the wrong photo in there. The imgur photo is 1 st year female purple finch, purple finch everywhere. But look at the tail feathers.
  3. Is there some kind of animosity towards the American Robin, in the birding world.? Well this little guy discovered the bird bath. One of the two that has survived, the other one was eaten by the neighbors cat. Definitely an American Robin. https://imgur.com/a/bqxNwoM
  4. Come to think of it, there is a family of Grosbeak coming in at the same time, ahforgetit, it will forever be a mystery. Snipped from All About Birds:
  5. Southern portion of NW Wisconsin. 1/4 mile from the St Croix River river. Little Cowbird, begs the question who raised the little one. Very docile, hangs around the Juvy Cardinals; but there is so many new fledglings this time of year. Who knows.
  6. Imgus didn't work very fast, and I screwed up I think I copied twice, Here is one photo on Imgur. I wanted the birdie to look at me so I could show you the streaking on the belly. Likes the nuts I put on the railing https://imgur.com/a/sQ6yzVe
  7. It is a juvenile I got that much figured out, maybe. He/she is all alone, all the other families have fledged and comming in in groups. I'm guessing little cowbird. 50:1 I am wrong :) Files are still loading out there. https://imgur.com/a/6C63rwZ
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