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  1. Too blurry to be sure and quite likely Long-tailed, but a Smew wouldn't be crazy there, right? I know very little about Smew plumages however.
  2. they nest in the main entrance of Green-wood = not at all uncommon here
  3. I would probably leave unidentified myself- but if pressed I'd say mallard- I'm seeing hint of 'curly' tail which i believe is most common (if not diagnostic) for mallards
  4. Hi , I ran these (Brooklyn, NY, yesterday) in Merlin and got Mew. It caught my eye because the dark primaries were riding so high above water. Honestly there could have been two of them so its possible different birds in the shot. But they all get ID'd as Mew. I get the small round head and petite bill, but do not get the dark tip on the bill. Are these good for Mew, or just another Merlin mishap? Thanks-
  5. Hi I got curious enough about Merlin to download & try it- I ran the Photo ID on the top pic & it suggested to me (for April, London) in this order 1 Herring 2 Iceland 3 Caspian 4 Mew No suggestions for Kittiwake, Fulmar. I'm curious whether you ran Photo ID (with England pack) , or did you go through the size/color process? Still not positive I can rule out Herring, despite the eye..(?) Thanks
  6. Hi, I was doing some file cleanup and found this shot taken April 2018 in London Wetland Centre. After paging through Birds of Europe and some Sibley guides, I am wondering if this is Common/Mew gull, due to the black gonydeal spot, medium gray back, the clean white head & a starkly dark eye (not the yellow iris I typically see in my New York area) Let me know If I'm missing something obvious, or if just not enough to go on here. Thanks-
  7. 1. looks good for Swamp sparrow...overall reddish tone, buffy flanks, thin eyestripe 2. Ducks probably good for Northern Shovelers, with reddish/chestnut belly on male + green mallard-ish head
  8. ...to say nothing of the trademark Red-tailed hawk 'Belly band'. When you see the streaked feathers through the midsection, that's a great field mark for the Red-tailed hawk.
  9. These notes are quite interesting- deeper than the guides. Thanks for your input. I've re-entered as EUWI.
  10. Hi, this was from today in NYC area... it was very cinnamon/warm colored. While checking guides, I am considering an eclipse Eurasian- however we are couple months past eclipse season, to the best of my knowledge. Is this just a browner American? thanks
  11. I don't know if I'll ever get enough exposure to Lesser Black Backeds to feel comfortable with - but can you tell me what you think of this ? Today in NYC area: Definitely seems like a slightly lighter black between primary tips vs back. *Some* coloring by back of neck; and then dark gonydeal/bill tip which I don't know what to make of. If you like for Greater, can you say why? Thanks-
  12. Hi- these are from early October, NYC area. Some of these I'm getting a Wilson's "cap"; then others I'm seeing the curving Hooded "hood". Feeling the Hood may be a trick of the light- so leaning Wilson's..? Thanks
  13. Hi, I put this in as Yellow (immature..?), but seeing how Connecticuts are flooding NYC area, I thought I'd bounce this off this board. This was a ground level/wildflower garden, pretty cooperative. There is an eye ring, but it is not overwhelming. Pretty long legged. Wings are quite dark, with white edging- which is a bit 'dissonant' for Connecticut to me Just a Yellow? Thanks all-
  14. Ahh, Fair enough...streaky breast is there; although- all sparrows seem to have tail length going for them. 😄 Thanks-
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