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  1. You are right! It looks so different from this mature one:
  2. Seen last week near the San Gabriel foothills, Southern California.
  3. Today in Southern California. Red-shouldered?
  4. Yesterday in Southern California. Could it be a young male Anna's? P1020807c3cc.mov
  5. Yesterday morning, foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County.
  6. At first I thought that I was looking at a male of the birds that were identified as hooded orioles earlier, but after looking at it on a larger screen, it doesn't look like that.
  7. Another pic with a sparrow for size comparison.
  8. Southern California. Are these Western Tanagers?
  9. Near the San Gabriel foothills in Southern California. Sorry about the poor resolution, it took flight before I had the chance to zoom-in.
  10. A very cute bushtit and a very colorful red-crowned parrot, apparently endangered in its native habitat.
  11. I think that it is one of her eyelids. You can see it better in this slowed-down GIF. Sorry about the unsteadiness, I didn't have a tripod.
  12. Thanks! That’s what I thought, but the colors seem to be much brighter in the books. Cute bird, anyway.
  13. The location is the San Gabriel Valley, just below the hills. Another I’d question. What kind of hummingbird is this?
  14. Thanks! It doesn’t look like the pics in my books! Here is another view of the same bird:
  15. It looks bigger and darker than the local house finches. What is it?
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