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  1. I have updated from iBird Plus (which I have had for several years) to iBird Pro since I just figured out that iBird Plus is no longer supported and bugs with lists, search, etc. are not going to be addressed. I have iBird Pro and iBird journal (which I have had for several years) on both an iPhone XS Max and an iPad Air2. I have iCloud sync turned on for both apps on both devices. I can see an iBird Pro folder in my iCloud space. I do not see a folder for iBird Journal. My iCloud iBird Pro folder has a favoriteslists document among other files. I added a bird on my iPhone and a different bird on my iPad. They don't seem to be syncing as each device only shows the bird added on that device. And since I cannot open the favoriteslists document to see what is in it, I can't really tell if there is anything in it or not. Also, I can't seem to find instructions on how to restore lists from a backup. I have my lifelist in iBird Journal, but as I said, I don't see any iBird Journal in my iCloud Drive. I know that I can export that list as a csv file via email as a way to not lose it. So before I put anymore effort into maintaining lists, I am asking for help in the best way to manage these lists. Maybe they don't do what I think they do, but I can't really figure it out. Any help how people manage their lists would be appreciated. Thanks.
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