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  1. Can you help me identify this bird? It was mixing with a flock of tundra swan, buffleheads, and mallards on a large lake in Middletown, Wisconsin (Lake Mendota.) I have seen common loons in the lake and there have also been recent reports of common goldeneye.
  2. I saw this hawk high up on a utility pole in Los Angeles this past weekend. I couldn't see its feet and there were no other birds around to compare its size. Is this a sharp-shinned or cooper's hawk?
  3. What type of duck is this? It was on the bank of the Yahara River with a bunch of mallards in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend.
  4. I saw this bird today in a large live oak near a lake in Gainesville, Florida. I thought it was a northern parula but the yellow on the tail gave me pause. What is it? Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone. I saw this sparrow today in Sweetwater Wetlands Park in Gainesville, Florida. It was in the grass near the reedy bank of a large artificial pond. I saw some savannah sparrows nearby, but this one was by itself. I did not see yellow above its eyes like with the others.
  6. Can anyone help identify this bird that visited my suet feeder in Gainesville, Florida yesterday? We've have a lot of pine warblers lately, but this one looked different to me.
  7. I cannot tell shorebirds apart for the life of me. This group of small birds was wading in a retention pond in Gainesville, Florida. Birds recently sighted here by others include least sandpipers, lesser yellowlegs, spotted sandpipers, solitary sandpipers, and dunlins. They were much smaller than nearby greater yellowlegs. Could anyone help me identify them?
  8. Hello everyone. Is this a female/immature shiny cowbird or a brown-headed cowbird? Taken in Gainesville, Florida today.
  9. Hello everyone. I was struck by how different these two finches look. Is one a purple finch and one a house finch or are they both house finches? Taken in Gainesville, Florida today near a pond, woods, and an apartment complex.
  10. I am kicking myself that I couldn't photograph the whole tail. Could you help with this hawk id? Not sure if it's an immature cooper's hawk, sharp-shinned hawk, or something else entirely. Photos taken in a cypress dome in Gainesville, Florida.
  11. Hello everyone. Is this female a scarlet tanager or summer tanager? It was on a bench in Gainesville, Florida this afternoon after it rained. It didn't make any sounds. A few minutes later I saw a bird that was likely this same bird from behind with its tail feathers spread, showing a black middle with yellow on the left and right. Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone. I assumed this was a tufted titmouse but I've never seen one with a tail like this. Can anyone confirm and/or explain what's going on with its tail? Taken in Gainesville, Florida yesterday. Thank you from a novice.
  13. Hi everyone. I spotted this bird in the late afternoon in a suburban neighborhood of Gainesville, Florida. I did not hear it make a sound and it soon flew away into some large trees. The best I could guess is it's a type of flycatcher, but I have no idea which if that's the case. According to Merlin the following are the possible flycatchers in Gainesville today: the great crested flycatcher, the Acadian flycatcher, the alder flycatcher, the least flycatcher (rare), and the willow flycatcher (rare.) There are also eastern wood pewees. But maybe it's something completely different? Thank you!
  14. Hi everyone, I saw this cardinal that I presume is male but had a lot of coloration I'd associate with females. I know many of the cardinals are currently molting/have recently molted but this is the first time I've seen a cardinal look like this. Could anyone ID this definitively as a male and/or help explain this bird's color? Thank you! Details: Taken in Gainesville, FL around 9:00 AM on July 25th. The bird was alone in a tree not making any sounds. It then flew away.
  15. Thank you all! I'm so happy to have found this community.
  16. Hi everyone, can you help me id this bird? I saw it at the edge of a small wooded area next to a pond in Gainesville, Florida yesterday (July 21st) at about 7:00 PM. It was an unusually cool night, about 78 degrees F. There were some feeders nearby senior being visited by house finches, cardinals, mockingbirds, downy and red-bellied woodpeckers as well as nearby juvenile and adult eastern bluebirds. This bird was alone and stayed on a tree branch at least fifteen feet off the ground. I did not hear it make sounds.
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