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  1. Hi, Could you help me ID this oriole, please? SE Florida this morning.
  2. Hi, Found some sparrows, but need help with IDs. Thanks!
  3. Hi, SE Florida, about 3 mile inland over marshy lake. Anyone knows what these are? Thanks!
  4. That's what I was thinking. I know the E-Phoebe well and this was not it. And it was smaller.
  5. Hi, This guy surprised me today. I'd say the size was about 6-6.5". SE Florida. Any idea?
  6. Hi, Found this flycatcher in a tree, close to the water (freshwater). People have seen Alder Flycatchers coming through, but not in this particular location though. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, Please help us ID this oriole seen in SE Florida this morning. We had two of them in the backyard 🙂 Thanks!
  8. Hi, Small flock of about 5-6 birds on a small mudflat. A Ruddy Turnstone flew in and was considerably larger than these guys. I'd say they were 5"-6". Constantly feeding.
  9. Hi, This looks very much like a Yellow rumped, but what's up with the yellow chin? Could you help me, please.
  10. Hi, What do we have here? Monterey Peninsula/Pacific Grove/Point Pinos, CA 12/27 Thanks!
  11. Hope you got the Hermit Warblers and had a successful Christmas Bird Count. Thanks for the Ridgway's Rail. We were lucky and got many great birds at Arrowhead including Ridgway's.
  12. Thank you! Lincoln's is a lifer. We'll be in Big Sur tomorrow, then back to the Bay Area for a visit to Arrowhead Marsh before going back home.
  13. Hi, Need help with these two, please. North Central California Coastal, today. 1) 2) Thank you!
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