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  1. Forgot to include location - SE Florida!
  2. Hi, Need help with these birds, please? SE Florida 1) Flycatcher 2) Sparrows 3) Warbler 4) Warbler 1) Flycatcher. In pine forest 2a-2b) Sparrow. In small tree on the shore of pond 3) Warbler. In small tree on shore by lake. Next to the sparrows above. 4) 4) Warbler. Catching bugs.
  3. Hi, SE Florida this morning. Thanks for helping me ID the following birds. Photo 1 and 2 Least Flycatcher? Photo 3: No idea Photo 4 and 5: Loud flock of 8-10 birds. Starling size or slightly larger. Look at that curved bill... Any ideas? Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 - curved bill.. Photo 5 same flock.
  4. Hi, SE Florida this morning. Very long tail. It sat very still for a long, long time. Any idea what this might be? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Would you help me ID this warbler, please. Florida west coast this morning. I have an idea, but just want to hear what you have say. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Please help me ID juvenile gull. Thank you! SE Florida.
  7. Hi, Wasn't able to see the bird, but recorded this in a wooded area of south Florida near West Palm Beach. Do you know what it is? Bird Song.m4a
  8. Hi, This guy was flying high overhead with some vultures before taking off on his own. What is it? Thanks!
  9. Hi, This one should be easy for you all. High up in a tree this morning in SE Florida.
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