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  1. These birds were taken in Boulder, Colorado, this June.
  2. Pictures were taken in Boulder, Colorado, May.
  3. These pictures are taken in March, Alameda, CA. I think it's a pine siskin.
  4. Both birds are taken in February, Albany, CA.
  5. All pictures are taken in Alameda county, CA, January.
  6. These birds are taken in Fremont, California, November.
  7. Thanks for your correction! Does that mean if I see a bird with yellow rump, it usually is considered as yellow-rumped warbler? Is there any other birds with yellow rump?
  8. I found this cute bird visiting my balcony at Fremont, CA in the middle of November. It looks like a ruby-crowned kinglet. But I am not 100% sure about it. Does anyone have an idea about what it is?
  9. These pictures are taken in Foster city, CA, September.
  10. White crowned sparrow immature looks good to me
  11. Thanks for your reply! Do you think the first one could be a orange-crowned warbler? I have another picture below. How to tell the difference between yellow and orange-crowned warblers?
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