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  1. Here are more photos (as well as repeats of the original three). The first 3 photos were taken through a window. The 3 photos of the bird perched (with the bill appearing thinner) have a solid white background behind the bird (and are cropped more) which may be contributing to the appearance of the bill losing some thickness in the photo. With that said, I can't say for sure that this is only one bird in all of the photos.
  2. The photos were all taken within minutes of each other. I think they are all of the same bird but I am not 100% certain. I don’t have feeders in my yard. The bird was feeding in a willow tree outside my kitchen window. Calliope and Rufous are expected around here but I thought there might be a chance this was a Black-chinned.
  3. SW Alberta (20km west of Pincher Creek) earlier today.
  4. Confused by this one. The beak seams to point to grosbeak but maybe I am missing something. SW Alberta, this afternoon.
  5. SW Alberta (20km west of Pincher Creek) earlier today.
  6. I just listened to a couple of flight song videos on YouTube and I feel confident it is the same song I was hearing plus a few other photos I found online look very similar. Thanks everyone for your input.
  7. Thoughts on Sprague’s Pipit? They perform a song flight high in sky and their profile (from Sibley drawing) appears very similar to the bird I photographed though the tail length in the first photo appears longer.
  8. Twin River Heritage Rangeland Natural Area at approximately 49.1588, -112.3646 which I believe is outside of Western Bluebird range.
  9. The bird was flying fairly high, flapping it’s wings vigorously then taking a moment to soar and call/sing and then repeating. I observed it on two occasions about an hour apart at the same general location. This was in a large expanse of native grassland. I recorded a video of it (the first photo is a still from the video) but the wind overpowers the audio. If I can figure out how to extract a decent audio clip, I will post one.
  10. Thanks for the replies. The bird was observed on a fencepost in a ranch/calving pasture with 5 other blackbirds.
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