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  1. Thank you all for the input. It is much appreciated.
  2. Not sure if this one will be identifiable... SW Alberta earlier this week.
  3. Thanks. I thought the cap wasn’t black enough and the body not yellow enough so I convinced myself it must be something other than a Wilson’s.
  4. Window strike that later recovered and flew away. I only took this one photo. SW Alberta earlier today.
  5. SW Alberta yesterday. Observed along brushy edge of pond in aspen and cottonwood forest. I have attached audio/video of the bird calling (link after last photo). 00001.mkv
  6. SW Alberta earlier today. Observed along brushy edge of pond in aspen and cottonwood forest.
  7. Here are more photos (as well as repeats of the original three). The first 3 photos were taken through a window. The 3 photos of the bird perched (with the bill appearing thinner) have a solid white background behind the bird (and are cropped more) which may be contributing to the appearance of the bill losing some thickness in the photo. With that said, I can't say for sure that this is only one bird in all of the photos.
  8. The photos were all taken within minutes of each other. I think they are all of the same bird but I am not 100% certain. I don’t have feeders in my yard. The bird was feeding in a willow tree outside my kitchen window. Calliope and Rufous are expected around here but I thought there might be a chance this was a Black-chinned.
  9. SW Alberta (20km west of Pincher Creek) earlier today.
  10. Confused by this one. The beak seams to point to grosbeak but maybe I am missing something. SW Alberta, this afternoon.
  11. SW Alberta (20km west of Pincher Creek) earlier today.
  12. I just listened to a couple of flight song videos on YouTube and I feel confident it is the same song I was hearing plus a few other photos I found online look very similar. Thanks everyone for your input.
  13. Thoughts on Sprague’s Pipit? They perform a song flight high in sky and their profile (from Sibley drawing) appears very similar to the bird I photographed though the tail length in the first photo appears longer.
  14. Twin River Heritage Rangeland Natural Area at approximately 49.1588, -112.3646 which I believe is outside of Western Bluebird range.
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