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  1. Confused by this one. The beak seams to point to grosbeak but maybe I am missing something. SW Alberta, this afternoon.
  2. Thanks for the replies. The bird was observed on a fencepost in a ranch/calving pasture with 5 other blackbirds.
  3. SW Alberta (west of Pincher Creek), 6:45am yesterday.
  4. Thank you. That was my first thought but then I convinced myself this bird had feathered legs.
  5. Strangely enough, I haven’t observed one on my rural property in over three years (same goes for my neighbours). They used to be here quite often but now the only time I see them is in the Walmart parking lot in town.
  6. That would make more sense based on where I saw it and it just doesn't look right for an eagle. The lighting is really throwing me off. Thanks.
  7. SW Alberta about an hour ago. This is the only photo I managed to take.
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