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  1. Thank you! That makes a lot more sense. I have never seen a Swainson's on my property and I didn't even think to consider it.
  2. Today in Waterton Lakes National Park. Not sure if identification will be possible from this photo.
  3. Thank you. That makes more sense. It didn't look right for an eagle but I was still trying to convince myself that it was.
  4. SW Alberta this evening. Two birds that have been hanging out together the past couple of days in the pond near my house. While observing them in the pond, I was leaning towards Green-winged Teal for both but now looking at the photos I really don't feel confident and hope someone can help with the ID. 2 photos of each individual...
  5. The hawk does not have feathered legs so that rules out Ferruginous Hawk. I think it looks good for a Swainson's Hawk.
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