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  1. SW Alberta earlier today. I observed a group of 8 Dowitchers and assumed they were all Long-billed but this photo has me second guessing myself. Would you call the bird on the left a Short-billed?
  2. SW Alberta earlier today. The 3rd photo is of a different individual.
  3. SW Alberta earlier today. bird on the far left... bird on the far left... bird in front of the Ring-necked Ducks...
  4. Good point! I missed that when looking through my guide book. Thanks!
  5. SE British Columbia in the Rocky Mountains, earlier today.
  6. SW Alberta earlier today. I'm not sure if the photos are of different birds or both of the same bird.
  7. SW Alberta earlier today. This bird was a little too far away to get a good photo but I am hoping someone will be able to help. I definitely was seeing rufus on the head in the field and it shows in the photos as well.
  8. SW Alberta earlier today. Not seeing as much green for the legs as I would like but they don't appear black either.
  9. SW Alberta earlier today. Need help identifying the bird behind the Solitary Sandpiper.
  10. SW Alberta earlier today. In the field I thought the yellow belly was just colour from the aspen leaves reflected onto the white underside of an Eastern Kingbird. The photo shows white tail edges and now I am thinking that the belly was actually yellow and this is a Western Kingbird. Thoughts?
  11. Today in southwestern Alberta. The bird on the right is an American Goldfinch but I am confused by the bird on the left (Pine Siskin?).
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