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  1. This morning in southwestern Alberta.
  2. This morning in southwestern Alberta. Poor photos but any chance anyone sees a reason why this isn't a Horned Grebe?
  3. from earlier this week in southwestern Alberta.
  4. SW Alberta, yesterday. I realize that without hearing the bird's song, identification may be impossible but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post the photo just in case something stands out.
  5. SW Alberta, yesterday. Observed interacting with one another. If they are indeed Ferruginous hawks, any info on age would also be appreciated.
  6. SW Alberta, yesterday. I am not used to seeing more than 2 or 3 at a time so I just want to confirm that this is indeed a larger flock of Rock Pigeons.
  7. Also, age (adult?) and subspecies (Anatum?) confirmation would be appreciated!
  8. Thrush (Hermit?) was seen along trail in the Rocky Mountains (SW Alberta). Butterfly was seen higher up in the mountains along a talus slope. Both seen today.
  9. SW Alberta today first photo = two Eurasian Collared Doves second and third photo = Mourning Dove Correct?
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