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  1. Jefferson, CO Sept 22, foothills riparian area I was watching an Orange-crowned Warbler in the same spot then noticed in photos that this bird is different, it seems to be a vireo. Is it possible to tell which one from the poor photos? Warbling would be most likely. Thanks!
  2. Broadview, Yellowstone County, MT, Sept 5th Merlin came up with Kingbird or Phoebe, I'm stumped.
  3. Hays, Blaine County, MT Sept 6, 2021 Got one poor photo of bird, thought at first it was a Townsend's but didn't quite fit, thought maybe a Blackburnian or Black-throated Green. Thanks for your help!
  4. Jefferson County, CO today, about 8100ft in the mountains. I'd like to id the song with the descending scale in the video. Thanks! 20210608_100741.mp4
  5. Douglas Co, CO today Larger than a peep, upright posture, yellowish legs. Other feedback suggested Least Sandpiper but the bird didn't seem that small.
  6. Great, thanks! I thought it might be, but had it in my head that phalaropes were much smaller compared to yellowlegs. Was pretty sure about the Greater, but thanks for the confirmation!
  7. Thanks! Here's a cropped photo of the Pectoral with a lighter colored bird that seems to be different.
  8. The more rusty colored one, right? So the lighter colored birds are also Greater Yellowlegs?
  9. Adams Co, CO last week. I wanted to confirm that most are Greater Yellowlegs and there seems to be a couple that are not, ID would be appreciated. I don't see shorebirds often enough to ID at a distance. Thanks!
  10. ID from another source confirms Nashville Warbler
  11. Lake McBride, Iowa last week. Checked the undertail plates in my warbler guide, my guess is Wilson's with what appears to be a mostly yellow head.
  12. Adams Co, CO today I have no trouble IDing them in flight, or year 3-5 Bald, but perched confuses me for years 1-2. Is this a subadult Golden or Bald Eagle? Any tips on IDing perched eagles greatly appreciated!
  13. I just listened to Common Yellowthroat calls, definitely what it was, a much harsher chip sound than the others. Thanks again for your help!
  14. Nope, unfortunately. I think that makes more sense, habitat-wise, although it was close to the river, but not along the banks. Thanks for your help!
  15. Arapahoe Co, CO today There's been a Palm Warbler in the area, and this bird was foraging beneath rabbit brush so that's what I assumed it was. Unfortunately, I couldn't get good photos, but I think it's not the correct ID. Could it be an Orange-crowned? I've always seen them in trees, not brush, but maybe so late in the year it has different habits.
  16. Thanks! And thanks for the id tips, I've only see one of them before.
  17. Adams Co, CO today I assumed this was a Song Sparrow, I saw many of them today, but when reviewing photos I thought maybe it was a Swamp Sparrow instead. Black streaks on back, more colorful overall. Help is greatly appreciated!
  18. I was a new birder. I just took as many photos as I could and sorted it all out later. Tons of birds every time a whale breached, just fantastic! BTW, it's really hard to take photos of birds flying around when you're bobbing on a boat, lol.
  19. Thanks! I can usually pick out adults, but juveniles stump me, even here at home in CO.
  20. Friday Harbor area Washington state on a whale watching trip a couple of years ago when I was a new birder. I'd love it if someone could id the gulls in this list for me. 3rd & 4th photos, maybe California Gulls? Have no idea on the others. I'm just not familiar with what I might have seen there. https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S26075555 Thanks for the help!
  21. Adams CO, CO today I'm terrible with eclipse plumage ducks, especially in flight in poor light. Can someone tell me what these are? Thanks.
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