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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. It was pretty muddy, it was also quite distant and the photo is cropped, so shape could be distorted.
  2. Adams County CO, last weekend. One larger shorebird amongst lots of Baird's Sandpipers and Killdeer. I have no idea. Legs did not appear yellow, Stilt maybe?
  3. Looks like it, thanks. I think of them as prairie birds but they can occur as high as timberline.
  4. Pike's Peak, below summit, yesterday Known to nest on the summit, I have a few crappy photos of a bird that I thought at first was an American Pipit and it's definitely not a pipit. Could it be a young Rosy Finch? Yellow bill, grayish crown. It would be fabulous if it was, since the wind was far too strong for birding on the summit. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I can usually pick them out, but this one had me stumped.
  6. El Paso County, CO July 15th I was thinking Least, but I really don't know. Help is greatly appreciated.
  7. El Paso County, CO, July 15th. At first I thought it was a Solitary Sandpiper, but after studying my photos, I'm not sure. If not, Lesser Yellowlegs? Thanks.
  8. Thanks. I've never seen a female with orange, so assumed it was a young male.
  9. Thanks! I saw many of them today but this one just looked different. Maybe it's the light.
  10. El Paso County, CO today Sage Thrasher? But I usually see them with a spotted breast, like a robin. Young Northern Mockingbird maybe?
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