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  1. Pike's Peak, below summit, yesterday

    Known to nest on the summit, I have a few crappy photos of a bird that I thought at first was an American Pipit and it's definitely not a pipit. Could it be a young Rosy Finch? Yellow bill, grayish crown. It would be fabulous if it was, since the wind was far too strong for birding on the summit.







  2. On 7/16/2018 at 8:38 AM, psweet said:

    This bird's still in juvenile plumage (all of the feather edges are nice and crisp, with very little sign of wear -- adults at the start of their fall plumage should be quite worn, and I don't see any molting which would indicate that it hasn't started it's first pre-basic molt either). At this point, telling male from female requires measurements. The orange on the lesser wing coverts actually doesn't tell us anything --all their plumages show some orange there when fresh.

    Thanks. I've never seen a female with orange, so assumed it was a young male.

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