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  1. I would guess young bird. Just missed capturing image of the mother who flew into near by tree when he landed on railing by her.
  2. Yellow vs red shafted? That tints seen under wings and tail when in flight? If that’s the case you’re right about that. Here tooo I’m used to seeing the one that have a “pinkish” tint. The pale yellow on this guy I’m not used to seeing either.
  3. Ah this guy’s colors are quite a bit different from what I’m used to seeing on the flickers that I normally see around here. He’s much darker and the red on the back of the head rather than around the “cheek” threw me.
  4. I recognize all of the common birds and most of the less common ones in my area (central Ohio) This guy is new to me. I just missed what was apparently a female (coloration almost the same, no red cap on the head) she flew into the pine tree beside the deck before I could get to my phone. IMG_0474.MOV
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Just captured these images by chance, of a bird that I can't ID on my deck. Just missed what appeared to be a female with him (coloration essentially same, no red cap @ rear of head). Location is central Ohio. I'm familiar with all of or common species and most of the ones that are less common. This guy I'm drawing a blank on.
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