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  1. Actually, I think #4 is a Vesper sparrow - it appears to have a chestnut shoulder patch.
  2. Going through my picture archive and have some un-tagged little brown birds from this summer I could use some help/confirmation on. Thanks! 1. 2020-Aug-08 at Tamarac NWR, MN - ??? 2. 2020-Aug-16 near Grayling, MI - Chipping Sparrow? 3. 2020-Aug-16 near Grayling, MI - Song Sparrow? 4. 2020-Aug-17 near Grayling, MI - Savannah Sparrow? 5. 2020-Aug-18 at DeSoto NWR, IA - Clay-colored Sparrow?
  3. I've got some flycatcher pics from Iowa this summer (2020-Aug-18) that I've yet to feel confident ID-ing. Thanks for any help! Early Afternoon 1. Neal Smith NWR - Acadian Flycatcher? 2. Neal Smith NWR - Eastern Wood-Pewee? Late Afternoon 3. DeSoto NWR - Willow Flycatcher? 4. DeSoto NWR - ???
  4. Thanks folks! +1 to my backyard bird list 🙂
  5. Saw this earlier today as the sun was setting in Seattle, WA. Not the best light but hoping there's enough detail here. If I had to guess it was at least as big as a robin, but it was far away and solo.
  6. 🤦‍♂️ No wonder I got stumped flipping back and forth in the sparrow section of my bird book. Didn't realize the males changed this drastically Thanks for the help!
  7. First time poster here. These were from yesterday evening at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA. I think the the first is an Orange-crowned Warbler or Common Yellowthroat? These sparrows hanging out on the lily pads I'm having a less luck with And one from much farther away that I've not narrowed down.
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