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  1. I'm at 108 total and 72 for my state/county. I should be able to grow that before the end of the month. As for favorite bird, it's hard to pick just one so I'm going with all the Maui honeycreepers
  2. Ended my Maui trip with 25 lifers. Definitely a different kind of birding experience since 14 of them were introduced species. Native/Endemic/Migrant Hawaiian Coot Pacific Golden-Plover White-tailed Tropicbird Maui Alauahio Apapane I'iwi Hawaii Amakihi Hawaiian Goose (Nēnē) Semipalmated Plover Black Noddy Great Frigatebird Introduced Spotted Dove Zebra Dove Common Myna African Silverbill Red-crested Cardinal Warbling White-eye Gray Francolin Chukar Chinese Hwamei Chestnut Munia Scaly-breasted Munia Orange-cheeked Waxbill Rosy-faced Lovebird Java Sparrow
  3. Processing more of my Hawaii pics https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/408551061
  4. Only seen these on a cross-country road trip a couple years ago when I was first getting into birding.
  5. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/407985531
  6. The banding code is ROYT for Royal Tern because it also collides with Roseate Tern (ROST)
  7. Yea, went yesterday on the way up to Haleakalā. I was able to get all 4 of the expected honeycreepers, although none of my pics are good. They move around quickly and were hard to catch in the open with decent light. Didn't help that we were there in the late morning, but at least I got to see them all. If only I could've gotten on one of the exclusive Waikamoi Preserve hikes for Maui Parrotbill and Akohekohe too.
  8. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/406741891
  9. Maui, HI this morning. Looks like most (all?) gulls are flagged as rare here and I have almost no experience with these so wanted to double check.
  10. My girlfriend got me a similar mug a while back https://alwaysfits.com/products/fowl-language-bird-coffee-mug
  11. I had this in my original post but it was buried in the other instructions. If you have the S######## value (where # are the actual digits) replace that part in the URL directly - https://ebird.org/checklist/S########
  12. I tried out birdstat, definitely a cool tool. Although, it doesn't appear to include a summary of checklists by species, the one thing that kicked off this topic.
  13. Thanks! That's essentially what I had in mind. One less thing for my random list of ideas to build.
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