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  1. Whooper Swan? Cause that’s code 3. Or is Bewick’s considered a separate species on the IOC list?
  2. Finally got some close looks at Ruddy Ducks on Friday
  3. That’s the other possibility. I have a hard time with both when I can’t see their legs and/or have the more common Glaucous-winged-ish gulls nearby for comparison
  4. I can't tell for sure, but the shape looks like Double-crested Cormorants which would make sense given the location.
  5. Song Thrush in Port Angeles, WA on Friday. Heard it would be the first record in the lower 48 https://ebird.org/checklist/S158946747
  6. There may be other possibilities, but I think 2 is a Black-headed Gull
  7. Evening Grosbeak! The closest I had to a nemesis. Sadly they were pretty poor looks
  8. Nothing spectactular, but finally had Red-necked Grebes that were less than a few hundred yards out.
  9. Maybe, although I don't feel comfortable calling that so this is likely to stay Larus sp. Yea, I've only seen a few Thayer's and I realize that now looking more closely at the pics. The head isn't very round and the bill is too heavy.
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