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  1. Back-to-back days with new yardbirds. Band-tailed Pigeon (44) yesterday and Turkey Vulture (45) today.
  2. Had a few Redheads and Ring-necked Ducks yesterday, a few winter ducks on the last day of summer.
  3. Most of my birding on this trip turned out to be incidental. Was only able to squeeze in one short birding trail while we were there, too many other sites to see. Still managed 7 lifers at least which is better than nothing.
  4. Thanks! The caterpillar definitely through me off in this bird since it obscured most of the bill. That’s why I went with the when in doubt go with Pine Warbler strategy. Should’ve done that with 4 and 5
  5. Raises hand… Although, when I compare my checklists to experienced folks at the same hotspots I’m at the mid to low end of species count.
  6. Stumbled onto a mix flock of warblers in Page County, VA yesterday. Did a bit of studying of Eastern warblers before this trip (clearly not enough) but these are giving me trouble. The lighting was poor too, overcast and backlit, so I way over-exposed most of these in post to bring out details. 1. Cape May? 2. Pine? 3. Cape May? 4. Tenessee?? 5. ???
  7. Dang! Do you have an 800mm lens or is that with a crop body effective range?
  8. Thanks! This one showed up yesterday at the most heavily birded park in Seattle (probably the entire state). I was glad it hung around all day until I had a chance to get there in the afternoon. Got a bonus Horned Lark that showed up a couple hundred yards away in the afternoon too, a new state bird for me.
  9. Thanks! First time I tried laying on the ground to get proper eye-level. Not that comfortable on rocks but makes quite a difference.
  10. American Golden Plover!
  11. Don't like posting multiple but really having a hard time choosing today https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/369340791 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/369343601 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/369340711
  12. This would be my guess. Maybe there was a nearby rock that they kept missing
  13. Did you have to make a new account with zero birds to get this from the ebird.org/targets page? That's the only place I've seen where it reports percentages. I've clicked around a bunch and not found a way to do this in general.
  14. I'm gonna sneak in a Black-crowned Night-Heron since I forgot to post mine and we don't have a new bird yet
  15. Pretty sure this is a Western but I’m looking on my phone for wait for a second opinion
  16. Why is this not a Savannah Sparrow? It's out of focus but the first photo appears to show a yellow supercilium and the second has fine streaking on at least the flanks, maybe the breast.
  17. Someone forgot to finish drawing Michigan
  18. Also the white cheek patch puts me on team Ruddy too
  19. Got lucky with this sequence
  20. Slow evening for birds but I did manage decent in-flight dragonfly shots. Anyone know what kind of darner this is? I think Paddle-tailed but could use a second opinion.
  21. Having been on a single pelagic, those look right to my very amateur eye.
  22. Originally had this as Western Wood-Pewee but reviewing the photos I think it may be an Olive-sided Flycatcher with that white throat and lack of wingbars. Seattle a few days ago
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