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  1. Yea, went yesterday on the way up to Haleakalā. I was able to get all 4 of the expected honeycreepers, although none of my pics are good. They move around quickly and were hard to catch in the open with decent light. Didn't help that we were there in the late morning, but at least I got to see them all. If only I could've gotten on one of the exclusive Waikamoi Preserve hikes for Maui Parrotbill and Akohekohe too.
  2. Maui, HI this morning. Looks like most (all?) gulls are flagged as rare here and I have almost no experience with these so wanted to double check.
  3. My girlfriend got me a similar mug a while back https://alwaysfits.com/products/fowl-language-bird-coffee-mug
  4. I had this in my original post but it was buried in the other instructions. If you have the S######## value (where # are the actual digits) replace that part in the URL directly - https://ebird.org/checklist/S########
  5. I tried out birdstat, definitely a cool tool. Although, it doesn't appear to include a summary of checklists by species, the one thing that kicked off this topic.
  6. Thanks! That's essentially what I had in mind. One less thing for my random list of ideas to build.
  7. I've done this before, but depending on your level of Excel-fu it's likely not "easy". Request an export of all your eBird data at https://ebird.org/downloadMyData . You'll get an email with a link to download a CSV file. It contains all your eBird observations, one row per-species (really taxa), per-checklist. Import that file into Excel (or Google Sheets) and create a pivot table over the data. Use the "Submission ID" (e.g. checklist) field as the Rows to group by. Use the "Common Name" field as the Values and change the summarize dropdown to COUNTUNIQUE. You can then change the Rows to sort descending based on the counts. The URL for a specific checklist is then https://ebird.org/checklist/S######## where you replace the S######## with value in the "Submission ID" column. Here's a couple of screenshots of what this looks like in Google Sheets I've thought about making a small webpage that would automatically do this. Upload your eBird export and it could show this and other interesting tidbits that aren't easily exposed on the myebird page.
  8. Cheap until you really start getting into optics 😭
  9. The last time I tried would've been in 2021 and I definitely didn't have 100 complete checklists in 2020. However, trying now, I still don't have the flagging "super power". Oh well, I can count on one hand the times I've noticed checklists with incorrect media.
  10. Hmm, I've definitely got over 100 checklists. Clearly there's some additional criteria.
  11. When I’ve tried to report misidentified birds before, the only option was “Inappropriate Content”
  12. Or a good local shop. But Amazon is definitely a crap shoot with all the shady third-party sellers and inventory mixing they do.
  13. D'oh. I just misread your comment. I had it in my head that you saw Glaucous Gulls last week with all dark bills
  14. And I thought the slight sag in my garage roof that I need to replace was bad.
  15. Glaucous-winged Gulls have all dark bills but first winter Glaucous Gulls have bicolored
  16. Agreed. It's got a smallish very round head and looks the same size or smaller than the other gulls in the first pic. Wouldn't a Glaucous Gull look a lot bigger?
  17. And that fact wasn't even discovered until the mid 1970s
  18. One more thing is size. Using a @Charlie Spencer tactic, I'd guess those fence boards are ~4" wide, making the bird roughly 12" long tail to beak.
  19. That's my understanding, however, I believe that field mark is about the shape of the tail in flight. I'm no expert though.
  20. Also the spindly legs and chest is much less streaky
  21. #53 Common Redpoll!!! My first eBird "rare" yardbird. Been on the lookout with all the nearby birches and the supposed irruption year we've been having.
  22. neilpa


    It’s looking like I’ll be taking a last minute trip to Maui in a week. There’s a recent thread for Hawaii but that was for Oahu and the big island. Anybody have suggestions for Hotspots in Maui? Also, any recommendations for a good Hawaii field guide?
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