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  1. Need help identifying the birds in the foreground by the yellow legs, peep, and mallard. Rainy day birding following the Hurricane Laura precip. Thanks.
  2. In between the rainy weather related to Hurricane Laura in Shelby County, Tennessee. Can you help me identify the below three birds that include the plover in the first two photos, the shorebird next to the yellowlegs in the second and third photo, and what-appears-to-be a buff-breasted sandpiper (note the stilt for size reference). Thanks.
  3. @Phalarope713 no more photos unfortunately. Those guys move fast! What are you thinking?
  4. My friends and I camped on Bull of the Woods Mountain trail (elevation 11,400') outside of Taos, New Mexico and climbed Wheeler Peak (elevation 13,161') the following day. Canada Jay's were everywhere but I also heard chicadees, a nuthatch, and heard/saw a non-distinctive gray bird with a light wing bar and white on the outside of the tails. The gray bird was everywhere above treeline around the peak and had a one note chip and a three note chip reminisceint of a "per-chicoree" of the American Goldfinch. At this elevation, can the chicadee, nuthatch, or gray bird be positively identified? Thanks. David
  5. Kevin- No the first photo isn't related to the second photo. The two were taken in different locations. Thank you for the help. Benjamin- Many thanks! David
  6. I birded Ojo Caliente, New Mexico on Tuesday and wanted some confirmations on the below birds. I'm from the southeast US and saw lots of new birds today.....many thanks. David
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