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  1. Wonderful! Both are lifers for me. Thanks, George
  2. Looking for help identifying the attached birds. - Photo 1: Taken at Tumacacori NHP south of Tucsan 10/11. I think it is a gray flycatcher. - Photo 2: Taken at Saguaro NP east on 10/1. Possibly a Brewer's Sparrow? Thanks, George
  3. Saw this hawk yesterday in Plano, TX. I am thinking it could be a cooper but the tail seems a little small. George
  4. Picture taken today in Dallas, Texas. Not sure if this is a House or Winter Wren. Thanks, George
  5. Wanted to confirm this is a Sharp Shinned Hawk. Picture taken today in Plano, Texas.
  6. I thought these were Wilson's warblers at first but the markings on the wings do not seem right. Picture taken this morning in Plano, Texas.
  7. Photos taken this morning in Dallas, Texas. Pretty sure the first is a Baltimore but the size of the white on the wing makes me wonder. I think the second is also a Baltimore and maybe the third is a Orchard. Thanks, George
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