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  1. Seen yesterday in MISSION BC- Willband Creek Park, around noon. Can you please help?
  2. Hello Last week in Coquitlam BC. One I think is a fly catcher, what is the second bird on the ground? Sorry, not good quality, especially the second bird. Can you please help?
  3. Victor D


    Eastern Kingbird. BC
  4. Victor D


    Canadian Jay/Gray Jay/Whisky Jack - WHISTLER BC
  5. Here is a source I found very similar ID of such as Nonbreeding male: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Goldfinch/media-browser-overview/63737391
  6. Thank you ALL! I did not mentioned Hummingbird, I knew this one, HB was aggressive toward Goldfinch. Chasing him away. By the way is it a what called Non Breading Male Goldfinch or just young one? I looked, Non Breading are a bit orangy, not bright yellow
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