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  1. Thank you Aaron! I have long way to learn...
  2. Not sure if it is shoveler.. I don't believe I saw one yet... I wish..
  3. Surrey BC. Blackie Spit Park. Jan 23rd. Around 2 pm
  4. Nope. I think it is one of those Kinglets 😉
  5. Would it be easier to photograph the Black-Capped and photoshop it into Chestnut??? 😈 Ha!
  6. Someone posted this picture - Jan 21- Burnaby Lake area: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=4132357076791757&set=pcb.3847919765269483 On British Columbia Birds group page
  7. I don't think so.. According to https://www.birdatlas.bc.ca/ we also have Mountain and Boreal in this area
  8. Seems like there are tons of them around, but I only get Black-Capped!! 🙂 Thank you !!
  9. Burnaby Lake. BC. Last Sunday noonish. I wonder is this is Chestnut -Backed or Black-Capped Chickadee? Hoping for Chestnut 🙂
  10. There are no bad shots of birds 🙂 Experiencing of seeing new bird is priceless
  11. Thank you Jefferson. It is was not hard. Trevor - people call him Trevor - is always not far away from the pier. Endless opportunities to take pictures and select some better ones..
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