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  1. Canada. BC. Coquitlam Colony Farm. a couple of days ago, evening. Need help please... 1. European Starling - juvenile? 2. Young American Robin? 3.? 4. What kind of Merganser? Red -breasted female?
  2. Thank you everyone:) Sorry for delay...
  3. This week at Colony Farm, Canada, BC, Coquitlam Can you please confirm?
  4. 1.Tree Swallow - Canada BC, Coquitlam, Colony Farm. This week, after 6pm 2.Northern Rough-winged Swallow. Same day, same place as #1 3. Is this one a Bank Swallow or Northern Rough-winged? Today, Stanley Park. Vancouver, BC. Before noon 4.Violet-green Swallow. Same as #1 and 2 Thank you in advance! #3 is to confirm I think.. Others should be fine
  5. Could be... Anyway all people who made last comments agreed on Swainson's.. So be it 🙂
  6. According to this source I should not see Hermits in Coquitlam... I think my pictures do not provide proper detailing... Hard to say based on them
  7. Wow.. I wish to have more pictures to clearly ID these guys...
  8. Oh! Did not expect HERMIT to be in play... Hermits has reddish tone on a back, right?
  9. Canada, BC, Coquitlam, Colony Farm Park First Bird - two days ago, evening Second one tonight Third - not sure...Same location two days ago Fourth and Fifth - Tonight, Willow Flycatchers?
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