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  1. Would it be easier to photograph the Black-Capped and photoshop it into Chestnut??? 😈 Ha!
  2. Someone posted this picture - Jan 21- Burnaby Lake area: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=4132357076791757&set=pcb.3847919765269483 On British Columbia Birds group page
  3. I don't think so.. According to https://www.birdatlas.bc.ca/ we also have Mountain and Boreal in this area
  4. Seems like there are tons of them around, but I only get Black-Capped!! 🙂 Thank you !!
  5. Burnaby Lake. BC. Last Sunday noonish. I wonder is this is Chestnut -Backed or Black-Capped Chickadee? Hoping for Chestnut 🙂
  6. There are no bad shots of birds 🙂 Experiencing of seeing new bird is priceless
  7. Thank you Jefferson. It is was not hard. Trevor - people call him Trevor - is always not far away from the pier. Endless opportunities to take pictures and select some better ones..
  8. Burnaby Lake. BC. Media says it the only Mandarin Duck in BC... More likely someone's former pet. Either released or escaped. Now happily living with his Wood Duck Girlfriend in Burnaby lake for several years. Local celebrity
  9. Great! Did not expect to see both species in two days! Thank you!!
  10. Burnaby Lake. Burnaby BC. Around noon Jan 17th. Hope you confirm Lesser Scaup
  11. Surrey, Blackie Spit. Sunday after 2 pm.. Has orange area on a bill... Still does not help me to ID it...
  12. Thank you Jefferson! I wish I have DSLR... My camera is just a super zoom P900. Not always works well...
  13. Blackie Spit Park. SURREY BC. Today, 2pm. Can you please confirm ID?
  14. Hello! Today in SURREY BC, about 2pm. Blackie Spit Park. I think this is Lesser Scaup.. Am I right?
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