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  1. Seen yesterday in MISSION BC- Willband Creek Park, around noon. Can you please help?
  2. Hello Last week in Coquitlam BC. One I think is a fly catcher, what is the second bird on the ground? Sorry, not good quality, especially the second bird. Can you please help?
  3. Victor D


    Eastern Kingbird. BC
  4. Victor D


    Canadian Jay/Gray Jay/Whisky Jack - WHISTLER BC
  5. Here is a source I found very similar ID of such as Nonbreeding male: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Goldfinch/media-browser-overview/63737391
  6. Thank you ALL! I did not mentioned Hummingbird, I knew this one, HB was aggressive toward Goldfinch. Chasing him away. By the way is it a what called Non Breading Male Goldfinch or just young one? I looked, Non Breading are a bit orangy, not bright yellow
  7. Please confirm. Location - BC, Coquitlam, Colony Farm. Evening. Today
  8. We have two in our area - Anna's and Rufous. I am pretty sure this one is Anna's HM. Can you please confirm ID?
  9. Here is another one. About a month ago at COLONY FARM, Coquitlam BC. I was looking at link TONY sent and leaning toward Purple... Am I right? Or it is still House one?
  10. Thank you all... Details! Thank you for pointing them out and explanation!
  11. Sorry for delay with respond. Nice description of Purple! Location is between Abbotsford and Mission BC - WILLBAND Creek Park
  12. Well sooner or later I hope to see a purple one. Actually, there were several birds, beside the one in a picture. One was way more colored. Could not take picture of it unfortunately... Wonder if different species ever hang up in a mix?
  13. Thank you Connor. Is it difficult to distinguish house and purple finches?
  14. I hope I correctly ID'd this one. Can you confirm please?
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