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  1. Canada. BC. Coquitlam Lafarge Lake 8:30 pm tonight. Lots of Mallards and Mallard/Domestic crosses. But this female one is way darker than others... Usually all crosses have white spots on a chest area, not a case with this duck Any comments?
  2. Victor D


    Eastern Kingbird
  3. Victor D


    Common Yellowthroat
  4. Yeah... Still looking for Purple 🙂
  5. Canada. BC. Chilliwack this morning Really hoping for Purple, but afraid I am wrong again.. although.. belly does not look streaked. But has brown cap... Can you please help?
  6. Canada. BC. Chilliwack. Great Brue Heron Reserve. Today. 11:30 am Can you please help?
  7. Wow! Can't believe I ID'd Flycatcher!! Was always tough to crack for me.. Thank you!!!
  8. Thank you 🙂 Will wait for Flycatcher's experts!
  9. Canada. BC. Coquitlam. Colony Farm park. Pretty sure with Blue-winged teal ID.. My best guess about the second bird is Willow Flycatcher?
  10. Canada. BC. Coquitlam. Colony Farm park 7pm tonight. The same bird on all pictures... Some Juvenile I guess...Starling maybe?
  11. I thought so... Well still waiting to find first Purple 🙂
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