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  1. Good Day Pictures are taken today at Blakeburn Lagoon Port Coquitlam. BC around 11 am Can you please confirm?
  2. Canada. BC. Coquitlam Colony Farm. a couple of days ago, evening. Need help please... 1. European Starling - juvenile? 2. Young American Robin? 3.? 4. What kind of Merganser? Red -breasted female?
  3. This week at Colony Farm, Canada, BC, Coquitlam Can you please confirm?
  4. 1.Tree Swallow - Canada BC, Coquitlam, Colony Farm. This week, after 6pm 2.Northern Rough-winged Swallow. Same day, same place as #1 3. Is this one a Bank Swallow or Northern Rough-winged? Today, Stanley Park. Vancouver, BC. Before noon 4.Violet-green Swallow. Same as #1 and 2 Thank you in advance! #3 is to confirm I think.. Others should be fine
  5. Could be... Anyway all people who made last comments agreed on Swainson's.. So be it ?
  6. According to this source I should not see Hermits in Coquitlam... I think my pictures do not provide proper detailing... Hard to say based on them
  7. Wow.. I wish to have more pictures to clearly ID these guys...
  8. Oh! Did not expect HERMIT to be in play... Hermits has reddish tone on a back, right?
  9. Canada, BC, Coquitlam, Colony Farm Park First Bird - two days ago, evening Second one tonight Third - not sure...Same location two days ago Fourth and Fifth - Tonight, Willow Flycatchers?
  10. Yesterday we walk in Stanley Park, BC, Canada and a squirrel came to us with a stone in its mouth. Initially we thought it stuck... but was not the case. Squirrel removed it easily and put back into the mouth... Came to us and went back to bush holding it.. Any thoughts? Not really scientific explanation why squirrel do that in internet, but there were several mentioning of such behavior
  11. I even managed to drop mine and crack lenses... Dos not really affect anything as crack is on a side of the lens... But I was pretty devastated when it happened
  12. Sorry for delay, IKLland I use P900 Nikon. Not DSLR. It is just long zoom, but hard to get sharp picture, especially with zoom completely extended...After seeing other people pics I am not happy with results. Camera has certain limitation. Slow, AF is not accurate and fast, almost no chance to get bird in a fly.... But thank you !!
  13. Victor D


    Belted Kingfisher
  14. Victor D


    American Goldfinch
  15. Victor D


    Baby Northern Flicker
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