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  1. Thank you ALL!

    I did not mentioned Hummingbird, I knew this one, HB was aggressive toward Goldfinch. Chasing him away.

    By the way is it a what called Non Breading Male Goldfinch or just young one? I looked, Non Breading are a bit orangy, not bright yellow

  2. 1 hour ago, Connor Cochrane said:

    The angle is a little tough, but looks fine for Purple Finch to me. Next time start a new topic as some people won't go back and check the same one again. Both Purple and House seem pretty common in the area you're in, so both should be on your radar when looking at haemorhous (Purple, House and Cassin's) finches. Cassin's have been reported in the area, but in very small numbers in the mountains. 

    Thank you Connor. Noted!

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